Flexi Nessie

by Cavedog May 14, 2018
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I printed this with PLA at 15% infill and the leg/flipper and tail joints were stiff but moved. The neck broke on my first try at gently moving anything on it. My printer is as close to calibrated as I can get it (20mm test cubes are 20.01mm and 1mm walls are 1mm). the model looks great, the eyes printed well, everything seemed to have gone well. Other than the neck joints being a bit delicate.

Printed on PLA 0.2 mm. 100% with 15% infill and 100% fan. 2 hours later all joints are fused. Not enough clearance. Don't waste plastic+time

For some reasons with s3d the eyes are not printed but entirely skipped so there is a full hole in the head..

The eyes are only supposed to be a hole through the head.

How's that? The 3d model here on thingiverse shows to have eyes.

Using s3d there is a cilinder inside the head, but it is printed in the air not touching any walls.
I tried all the perimeter extrusion settings in s3d but there were no difference.

Oh strange, I have never seen that before. I use Slic3r PE and haven't had that issue.

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Thanks for the feedback. Seeing as several people have successfully printed from this model (which has not changed) it is likely your printer is not dialed in very well.

Is it possible to make a smaller sixe version that will work ok? I tried about 85% size in order to fit it on my printer area, but it still broke while trying to exercise the joints.

I've successfully printed a 90% version

Great little model but it seems to be broken and has a missed layer(s) around 20 layers up at 0.16mm layer height. Ran the model again with some settings changes and the skipped layer persisted. Will run it through netfab & meshmixer and hope it is corrected. I sliced the model with Simplify3D.

That's very strange. It's possible the file was corrupted during upload... I am using Slic3r PE and get no skipped layers with 0.2mm, 0.15mm, or 0.16mm layer heights. I've attached an OBJ file type which may work better for you.