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Legitimate Rape Whistle #Akin

by eagleapex, published

Legitimate Rape Whistle #Akin by eagleapex Aug 24, 2012



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A legitimate whistle in honor of Todd Akin i.e.

This thing doesn't whistle. Not for emergencies. For novelty use only until redesign.


Also DL from Physibles on TPB http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7564507

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I printed and it's shockingly loud.  I gave to my 7 year old and told him to play outside.

Buh bye. Whistle no longer needed. :)

Nice idea, but my print won't whistle for some reason. I've made a lot of the zaggo design, but somethings not working for me. :P

Uh oh. Illegitimate whistle. Will redesgin. Derp

Only for use if you are legitimately being raped. If it's a regular rape use the regular whistle.

First of all, besides english is not being my main language and being agitated a half a world away, I do understand that this is a reaction on something "way out there" and I am the first to applaud and cherish fellow citizens involvement in our times and happenings.

That being said, A) this is truly serious business, B) I don't think its a good idea to entertain or walk in the tracks of these well.. delusions, at all. I mean, rape is a social issue which there are no technical solution or one-stop-show-preventions for. Ok, well there is, but I don't think any
one want to live in such a society. There is a great manual for it though, "1984", or well to many politicians think and act as if it actually is a dito anyway.

The same can be said about the political environment from which this type of high strung, Calvinistic-on-the-rise-again-arguments/politica
l climate hails from. It is not the victims responsibility at all to protect him/herself physical being from harm when that situation arise other that in chock; "do what one can". Its certainly not something one should plan for. Sure, one can/do feel responsible and guilty after an attack, but reall
y, its is the society's whom aught to create an environment where there are no need nor incentives for developing behaviours to hurt another fellow being, defensive or not. Needless to say, no amount of harsh environments (e.g; prisons) will alleviate this kind of social issues. It rather promotes i
t in a shower environment, what I've heard anyway... ;)

Kidding aside, as I said it's great to be involved in ones times. One could also re-name that akin-whistle -
gt; Assault-whistle and put it to some form of good use. I mean, these type of arguments are more or less an assault on a democratic process, since politics are getting more and more individualised in this "The power of nightmares-world" (adam curtis) we all live in. There is no way a democratic society were everything just haults and start to circle around one issue or that one voice alone can accommodate all citizens voices on their respective issues.

Clickocracy and an .stl upload is a start, but... print a bunch and take those whistles to the streets, hand them out and show that by cashing in on a victims situation, there is a greater threat that's coming around the corner.

Shall we all print one and post them to Akin's office?