5E Condition Markers

by DM_Art May 14, 2018
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So, someone took my concept and changed it. Admittedly improving it greatly. For a better version if these, head here: D&D Condition Indicators found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3157937

Tabletop Condition Indicators

Files are Still importing as a 5mm and 6mm dimensions mate. had to Scale up to 500% just to fit a Medium based Mini.

I have not fixed them. Someone took the design, improved it, and sent it to Critical Role. As far as I'm concerned, my version is now defunct. You can find the As Seen On Critical Role version here D&D Condition Indicators found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3157937

Tabletop Condition Indicators

Love these. Thank you.
I may be blind but I don't see "blessed."
Thanks again I'm very new to this.

Suggestion for size... Maybe watch an episode of 'Critical Role' (Season 2, Episode 51) as they fight on the table, see that the rings are thicker, Letters more pronounced and bold... This might help? Awesome start!!! Thank you for making these DM_Art !!!

How big are these? I get about 5mmX5mm they are tiny!
I did some others that were a fair amount larger.


They were designed at 30mm to fit around standard 28mm bases

Were these possibly exported and saved as CM rather than mm? If I bring one STL into Simplify3D it comes in at approximately 5mm for the X&Y and about 1mm for Z.

I created them in blender with exact measurements, exported as stl, imported into meshmixer to check for mesh errors, imported into Cura next to a 28mm mini to confirm size. It may be an error in the import process on your software end. Every software is different and each have their own eccentricities when it comes to importing.

Sorry but these come in to Simplify3D at 5mmx6mm or if you let it scale to inches it is 5"x6".
Anyway they look nice but you have to scale them up to what I assume is the size needed. Thanks.

I will be updating this concept with bolder letters and a tweak in the design in a week or so. I will do extensive testing and attempt to make them in a size that will print seamlessly with no scaling or adjustments needed. I will comment on my progress as I go. Tuesday should be the first day of tests. To those who have asked for more conditions, I am sorry I have not responded. Life had been busy and I have not been printing since the holidays. I have dusted off the printer and if the new design works, will try to make as many new conditions as I can. Thank you to all of you for your patience, for your comments, for your patience, and for the kind words.

these things have been great, only had one issue sofar. the ring for "Petrified" looks to be offset so its not flat on top or bottom.
was able to fix by making it taller and sinking into the build plate in Cura

Thanks for your hard work!

I am having trouble printing it with PLA at mini size. Has anyone had success? Any tips?

Get a smaller nozzle? i havent printed them yet but im planning on swapping to a 0.2mm nozzle to print them so i dont have to scale them up too much

Would love a Slayer’s Prey marker (D&D 5e Ranger subclass Monster Slayer) marker to complete my collection.

Here is the list from Pathfinder/3.5 that you do not have yet. These would be a great addition that I would totally use. Thanks for the great work.

Energy Drained

Love this idea! One suggestion, raise the letters a bit so a simple change in filament at a certain layer will make the letters readable.

Could be handy to have the ones you left out! Just for flexibility.

i printed out just about all of these but our d and d session came and my bard cast confusion. any chance you can make a "confused" ring? would greatly appreciate. the rings fit my minis great at 25mm awesome edition to my DM tools.