Oculus Touch Modular Saber Handle for Beat Saber

by Wully May 16, 2018
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Cool file! But when I tried to insert the first one it cracked. Shame.

Still, nice try though and very innovative! I'll try switching the controllers around to see if that solves the issue.

I'm pretty sure that the left and right in the files are backwards (I discovered after cracking both handles trying to slot the wrong one).

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Printed twice. First time with 20% infill and it broke while fitting the controller.

Second time with 100% infill and it also broke while fitting the controller :-/ Seems like fit is way too tight and PLA way too fragile

Would you be willing to share the source file? The angle is just a bit off and I'm having a hard time adjusting as is.

Sure, I made it in tinkercad. https://www.tinkercad.com/things/0U5voPVjJim
You should be able to ungroup everything and see the original oculus touch model I used and angle it how you need

cool project! How did you get the mold for the oculus rift handles correct? Did you have to use a 3D scanner? Or just lots of trial and error?

Oculus has the 3d models on their site you can download and use

I took the 3d model and imported it into Tinkercad and used it to cut the shape out of a tube so the controller fits

This design is not working for me. Always break even if printed at 101%. I'm trying to think of a design where you easily lock the controller fully with the strap.

Model is way too tight, my printer is very dialed in and PETG isn't prone to warping but it broke trying to put it together

Could it be that left and right are interchanged, just printed the left one and it fits the right controller.

Great design! I made a remix with a few tweaks, combined the End Cap with screw, Left and Right markings on sabers (broke one putting controller in the wrong saber), some spacers in case things don't line up, and a peg to attach oculus strap to if you don't want to put it on your wrist.
Can't upload for about 12 more hours as I made this account today just to remix this and share.

It was too small for me and wouldn't fit the touch controllers. Maybe I need to calibrate my printer.

There might be some shrinkage on the filament you're using, you could try scaling it up a little bit if shrinkage is an issue.
The controllers do go in at a bit of an angle at first then slot in

how much do you need to scale it up

I thought the same thing. Unless you scaled it down, then the first time you fit it in will be really tight. Push a lot.