Ender 3 Control Panel Rear Cover

by TheDefpom May 18, 2018
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The screw holes and the speaker hole do not align on my Ender 3. I will have to look into the other covers.

I have fixed this now.

Unfortunately this doesnt fit my Ender 3 correctly. The cover dimensions are right but the screw holes are offset to the left meaning the right hand side juts out about 2mm past the metal. You can still plug in the cable even though the cutout is not centred but if I hadn't already removed the speaker I doubt the cover would fit at all.
I assume I have a later revision Ender 3, hence the issue. Rocco81-92's design appears to have correct screw hole offset but I've not printed it yet.

I have fixed this now.

slot for the ribbon cable is spot on in my design, see the pic. I prefer my more closed design. Also, the big hole in your cover defeats what the cover is supposed to do - be a safety protection for the board.


Ender 3 LCD Case and Speaker Cover

Maybe you have a picture of the Printed Version ?

Here in my original Thingi you can see pictures installed on my Ender-3


Ender 3 Display LCD PCB Cover

Looks great thank you for share !!!

The part is not from ggiavelli! It is from me!

And it fits perfectly, look at the pictures in my original thingi.


Ender 3 Display LCD PCB Cover

This part didn't fit my Ender-3, unfortunately. The hole for the speakers were about 3-4 mm off. I cut it afterwards to fit in, but maybe there are different boards out there. My Ender-3 manufacturer's-number ends on 3001.

When I was searching for a cover I never saw yours, pity as it was exactly what I was looking for! The one I found is stated correctly, which I then modified to allow easier printing and extended the access hole for different cable connections, ironically to be more like your one, just with the larger cable hole.

I am guessing that they failed to give credit to yours, or it is something they made too which happens to be very similar, I should download both files and compare them to see, yours certainly pre-dates the other one.