by 300zxcolin May 18, 2018
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Can you post the files off the rocket and the cloud separately please?
nice desing

Thank you for the great job. Just one wish from my side... I like to print the parts seperatly, so it would be great if you could save each part by itself.

Very good job ! It's beautiful ! For you next creation you can make a new "Corvega atomic V8" from Fallout (if you know) because i don't found a correcly file on internet to print it in 3D. Thanks for your works.

Hi and thankyou.
There are a couple of Corvegas already on Thingiverse.
This looks like the best one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing2919877

Thanks for your link but it doesn't work, i don't now why. I have an error 404 with message "YOU HAVE REACHED THE END OF THE THINGIVERSE. THERE IS NOTHING AWESOME HERE... YET."

Type 2919877 into the search box and press enter

Thanks, it works !

Should you print with supports?

Yes you will need supports.

what'd you do for such a nice surface finish?

Sand the surface with 180 grit wet and dry used dry.
Spray with primer filler
Re-sand with 180
Primer filler
Sand with 240 grit used wet
Sand with 400 grit used wet
It sounds laborious but its not to bad once your set up for it.
Obviously it helps if your printer is giving you a good finish to start with.
Hope this helps

Great work! I printed one, will post pics soon. I printed it with a 10% infill and the bottom of the base started to come off. Could you update your details with the settings you used? Thanks.

Pretty standard settings for this one.
0.2 layer height
10% infill
2400mm/min speed.
3 bottom layers
2 perimeters
4 top layers
Sounds like you have a bed adhesion issue. All my printers use an aluminium build plate that is lightly sanded and coated with two coats of watered down PVA glue baked on for about ten minutes at a high temp. Works for me and lasts for months before it needs re-doing.
Obviously it needs to be well levelled.
Hope this helps

Do you put the whole build plate in the oven?
At what temp?
And what grit sand paper do you use for the aluminium plate?
Thanks for the tips. :)

Lol no I don't put it in the oven but I guess you could. Just use the heated bed to warm it up and leave it to bake for a bit. About 60 degrees is fine.
I roughed the surface with 120 grit emery paper

Hi, just to confirm, 24.00/sec, or 240.0mm/s? Or was it actually 2400mm/s?

Sorry my bad. 2400mm/min