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fallout 4 corvega

by TomD001 May 19, 2018
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Do you really mean 0.01mm layer height? that's not feasible with FDM. Did you mean 0.1mm?


Yes 0.1mm at the time. my standard is now 0.12mm . something to due with multiple of my .04 nozzle is easier on the machine

What scale will this car print out at?

Ultr the car is scaled for Fallour wasteland warfare it about 1:48 scale or about 32 mm scale

Hello sir, it's a great model but you can build a new Corvega without passenger compartment and without because it's very difficult to print this. Thanks for your work.

Not really possible without recreating the wheel I assume. He didn't "Make" this. This is a Game Asset he cleaned up after ripping it from the game. The game asset has the interior so again without having to actually spend hours editing the model to put the doors and roof on and then windows and fill in the interior I would say it is a no go. You have to remember a very large portion of the non licensed IP stuff is not made for 3D printing. Most of it is game assets ripped from games and converted to STL files. There is some cleanup done to make them even remotely printable. That is why if you look there is artifacts that are unprintable on this. Look at the passenger side front window. See that point there. If he modeled this that wouldn't be there. Same with the lid that holds the roof up. See the artifacts there and the separations of polygons? Again those are from the ripped game assets. So remember most of this stuff is just do your best and try to print it as best you can. You can also learn to use Blender and Meshmixer and fix it yourself. Both of which are free.

I understand, thank you for your comment. I'm gonna do my best.