Ender 3 Filament Guide easy install

by FlintWeiss May 19, 2018
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Happy I got it. I use it in combination with another filament guide at the top so the angle isn't very aggressive, but I have only had it in use for about 10 print hours. Got a spare one printed out. The previous one kept falling off. I'm thinking of putting a dollop of resin on the inside of the hook or perhaps make it into a small roller.
Just be careful that afterwards you align the part that is connected on the z screw, mine was skewed and with a quarter allen key flick it rotated again.

Any reason this would not work with the CR10?

It worked good for 2 smaller prints, then it started to make an awful screaky noise. First i thought it was the newly printed extender knob. I even lossened the screw a bit as mentioned in one of the comments, which didnt help in my case. I need to look for a different guide. Thanx though!

I used this as a temporary fix so I could print a replacement part. What happened was since the filament enters the extruder at such a violent angle, it eats through the plastic on the extruder clamp and gets stuck. I used this to hold it out of the notch my filament carved. It is good for one or 2 prints but the filament rubs the side of it and it breaks easily. I used it for 2 prints so I could make a side spool mount and a better guide.

While it -is- sacrificial on purpose, I haven't noticed such an extreme result (one or two prints) as you are. I wonder if you are using more abrasive filaments (eg. glow in the dark, wood fiber filament).

OK, printed this and it worked well for 3-4 small prints. Then I had a fail, part way through a large print.

Initial thoughts, I had buggered up the levelling.

Then I heard a scratchy? noise. Had a look, and discovered the PLA had "SAWN THROUGH" the hook part. New hypotheses . . . filament got caught, hence why it seemed like it had missed a row.

Great, easy print, but keep an eye on it kids.

Good call out. It's kind of on purpose, to have the filament eat the guide instead of the plastic extruder. i need to get a bearing version designed up so that it isn't sacrificial.

I printed this and I like it... Well except for the sound....

I had this problem, but it turned out that I had screws tightened too hard. Check yours please.

Interesting. Mine doesn't make any noise, even though the PLA is slowly working its way through the guide. Are you printing really fast?

Works great on the Ender 3 I got in Dec 18 - thanks! Printed easy-peasy in 20 minutes, fitted in 2.

Remember not to tighten the screws too hard again. Or else you might get Z spindel problems.

Many Thanks for the file. It fits also to a Ender 3 Pro

Thank you for this file. It fits perfectly.

For me this design not work, to thin mount base, if print from ABS after couple days screw broke hole, if print from PLA base curve from filament tension.

That's too bad that it didn't work out for you. I printed mine with Hatchbox PLA and it's still doing great! It sounds like you might have a lot of tension on your spool? I have mine as far to the left (extruder side) as it will go with the filament coming off the top of the spool.

How is your spool and holder set up?

Yes, spool be on top of printer, now i move spool behind printer (to hide it inside enclosure).
Now i use this filament guide https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3074294 and it work good.

soft Bowden Filament Guide without Cable holder and fitting
by Janubis

So I printed this, and while the design is great, the filament squeaks as the filament is extruded/retracted. I tried sanding it down a bit, but the squeaking was so awful I had to remove it.

Comments deleted.

nice design, but the specs on the Ender-3 PRO have the brass gear guide sitting 2mm above the deck, so this part can't fit.

I have bought an Ender 3 (less Pro) and I have the same problem. It does not really fit, and when put aside the brass tube, the filament won't feed properly...

Maybe it is time for my first remix :)

I would love to see a photo of the issue it is causing you. Maybe they changed something about the printer. I have #13 from the initial run. :)

On my Pro, it's not the height that is the issue, but the guard around the Z-axis screw. With the guide in place, the filament won't feed straight into the extruder, so I have to remove the guide to change filament.

I would love to see a photo of what you have going on there.
You shouldn't have to remove the guide to replace filament. That's why there is that gap under the hook. You can just feed the flament into the extruder and then slip it into the guide when you are all fed and ready to print.
And the top of the guide is supposed to pull the filament down enough so that it doesn't rub on the top of the hole in the extruder lever.

I'll try to grab one tonight with this guide installed.

It will fit. That picture looks pretty similar to my original Ender 3. It doesn't rub up against the z-rod.

great design worked perfect thanks.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Great item! Really easy to install and works like a charm!

lost the spring washer while building it in, lol ;-P

thanks for sharing that, it's great!

Same issue here D: Mine fell down the groove and is now stuck between the left z-beam and the z motor. Hopefully doesn't so any damage down there.

Otherwise, great! Might be worth putting in the post that it won't sit exactly square with the rest of block, was trying to find out for ages if I'd done something wrong.

Hi Thomasfdm, What did you mean by "it won't sit exactly square with the rest of block"?

They probably were referring to the fact that it hangs over the edge, and they were looking for a way to "make it square" against something.

Thanks. Maybe I need to look into a press fit / no uncrewing needed version. ;)

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thanks for your effort. Just got and Ender 3 and this is one of the first things I printed. Printed in PETG, so should last a while.

Thanks. I'll be curious to hear how PETG wears compared to PLA since the filament is actively rubbing against the guide.

I found this tends to put too much tension on the filament and causes under extrusion as it puts alot of pressure on the hook.

While I haven't seen this, you probably want to look for a bearing based filament guide so that there's no drag at all.

Working great, thanks for this.

I goofed and printed it with 20% infill but it's been working fine and I just completed a 36 hour print with it >.<

Thanks for the great remix, I find it the most logical guide out there =)

I thought about making one with one screw hole but decided not to do so. I thought that it might bind the nut and screw rod.
The open loop is a good idea. I just hope that it is not too weak and break off if the spool bounces and jerks the filament or pops out.
That is the good thing about all of this to each his own. What is a good idea to one is not for others and you can always make changes to suit your needs. That is one reason why I made a variety of versions of mine. As always thanks.

Thanks. We'll see how it goes. There is still room to shorten the gap if the filament ends up slipping out. I also have an idea for one of these with a "latch" but need to think further about how to make it fastener free (ie. no screws or bolts).

I also enjoy how the remix feature works here, so that folks can mod as works for them and yet still keep it tied back to the original designer.