3D Ikea Lack table enclosure (0.125" panes & no link cuts required)

by Pyrce007 May 20, 2018
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Where can I find the STL file for those spiraled feet?

I'm also building my box inspiring a lot to yours ... although for the temperature and the fans I preferred an arduino one, to handle everything ... while the raspberry only for the strem of a normal camera module ... I would like to ask you on what temperature did you set it all? and how did the prints go if you did some tests?!

You wouldn't happen to have the stp files for these parts would you?

Only made the STL files attached here from the TinkCad (it only exports STL and OBJ). Should be easy to import and convert those to STP if you need that format.

No worries. I needed to make some changes to the thickness of the plexiglass slots because I'm going to just use MDF. I ended up just importing the STLs into solidworks and then re making the parts as solidworks part files and changing them to suit what I needed and then saving the new parts as STLs to put into Cura.

Hi, I am building my enclosure based on your design, and a few others, and have a question on the sizes of the individual chambers. I understand the lifters for the main chamber where the printer sits, but you also added lifters to the top chamber where the filament spools are. Is there a specific reason for this? I was actually thinking about shortening this chamber up a little so that overall stack is no so high.
Another question is: What do the LEDs display? And another, sorry so many questions, do you have the Raspberry Pi monitoring the temps and humidity?


Hi Rusty105,

I added the lifters on the filament dry box because I had accidentally ordered square plastic panes (yay for fixing things with printers). But in hindsight it's not needed and I don't use that extra space well. Just remember to measure the height without lifters twice.

I put the temperature, humidity, and (WIP) remaining build time on the three displays. I was thinking of putting the fan speed instead of humidity as the dry box should be near zero and the main box is whatever it is.

Yes I have a Raspberry Pi monitoring and controlling everything. I was working on an OctoPrint plugin to share the code, but got distracted making RimWorld mods (and work stuff) so I haven't put that together. The fans were the most annoying -- protip just buy ones with built-in PWM controls though they all treat zero signal as 100% signal for PC safety reasons. I'll try to remember to post here when I do get back to that.