V-King CoreXY - Pro 400

by 3D_PRO May 20, 2018
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Hi Roy, what is the reason to go for z axis with pulleys instead of just simple belt loop?

Outstanding design! @3D_PRO Roy, now that almost all my parts are already in my hands, except by the aluminium profile and before to get those, I'd like to resize the build volume to 400X400X500 Is there any excel sheet in order to make this process easier? Do you have any advice in this matter? Thanks!

can the motors be flipped so they point downwards?

Oh yes absolutely. They normally face down *- the upwards plavcement was just a test I did

Love this design.
What parts would I need to print for only the CoreXY part want to build a laser cutter with adjustable legs for different sized materials.
Will most likely have to adapt the extruder bracket to give it a small z axis.

You assistance will be highly appreciated

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Thanks for the feedback. It is easier to help you on fb if you have. Print most xy parts for a laser cutter would do. Find a modular carrier we have on github

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Hello Pro3D,

I don't see anything about the screw in the BOM. Is there anything else missing I would need? Like the 3D Printed part, I guess the "x2 x4" are the number I need to print ? (edit: Oh, I see there's many more parts in the zip file !!)

Also, I do have an aluminium plate 300x300x5mm. Your BOM ask for a 8mm one, do you think 5mm will be okay since it's smaller ? (edit: Got it from https://vkingprinter.com/knowledge-base/component-list/, need atleast 6mm).

Thanks a lot! :)

-- Forget about this, just get the BOM on the ZIP.

also yes the nr_x is numbers of each file

5 could work for 300*300 :)

cool thanks! :)

Updated Bill of Materials - Part Files and Firmware files


First of all I want to thank you for this project. You made AWESOME job!

I'm going to build v-king with 300x300x600 build volume.
Cause my machine will be taller and use direct drive (titan aero) I need to make it more rigid in Y direction (to compensate higher innersion mass).

I want to use vertical 2040 profiles but I don't know how to connect 2020 with 2040 in corners. Can you tell me how to do this to make really solid connection. Those cubes I found in one size: 20x20x20.

Sorry for late reply, Just use 2028 corner angles for connecting the beams. Should do the trick I think

Here you are: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/BqJqfQF

Any idea what im doing wrong when the z stepper just skips steps and doesn't have any force to move or hold? I have tried current all the way up to 1.7 without any luck.

Can you turn the gear by your finger non powered? YOu might have got the wrong size - Can you come to the FB club or send me an email?

If anyone is looking for V-Slot for this upgrade, At www.Makerparts.ca we sell Genuine Openbuilds V-Slot rail and we can cut them accurately too!.Shameless Plug :) Located in Canada

Awesome design, I really like it!

Thank you very much

I'm building a 300 cubic version, according to your wiki Y extrusion length should be 420mm (print area of 300 + 120) so how long the worm gear steel rod should be?

If we have a 555mm rod with 500mm extrusion, I presume it will be 475mm, right?

Hi mr! Yes your assumptions seems correct. Just add 50-60 mm to the Y extrusions. This is using the corner cubes? If not using the corner cubes then you might have other dimensions outside??

I'm planning to use them so all measures should respect the original ones, just scaled down

Updated file folder - V-King stock files also with firmware and BOM

Love the design, I'm wondering if anyone has looked at an IDEX version?

Thanks for the attention. I have not seen any IDEX solutions, only standard dual extruder like the Chimera

Thanks, still debating between a CoreXY and a Hbot, looks like I'll have to do the work on designing an IDEX version myself so.

Love the look of this and the lack of rods and screws. Will start looking into a build BOM for 300x300x300 build volume.

Thank you! Welcome also to the FB club. You can use the stock BOM or modify it according to this:

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Updated file repository as the ZIP File

finally i am ready to the v-king all the parts were printed but i dont know how to use the Idler X Bracket that's what i cant figure it out
pleas help

Can you come to the builders club on Facebook? It's easier to communicate. Also there is a Vlog on it

No problem - We will help you. Can you come to the club so we can help you there??

What are the external size ?

About 610 Overall - Se attacment

im sure this have been asked before, but since i cant find an answer here goes.
Is there room for a 400x400 buildplate? Wondering since the cost for the one linked in the pdf will skyrocket thanks to the customsrules were i live. 400x400 seems to be easier to find, but i might be wrong.

Hello again!
Cube 3 way connectors are very expensive.
Can they be substituted with something like this:

Also, what is the length of screws for the wheels? 25mm?

One more thing. I see you use BL touch. But is it really needed? And if it is need isn't it a sign of a problem? For get highest print quality the table must move only down but if any kind of autoleveling is used then firmware moves table down and up to compensate. Latest marlin has an option to even the printed model up to some height after which the print is considered flat, but still, it is a trick not really needed for a good core xy printer.

I only use the BL touch as a Z endstop so NO it is not needed. I did run with just an endstop for a while no problem

Hey! Yes you can use those connectors but you loose some build volume

Please ask in the FB group if you can :)

Wheel screws is M5x30 on Y carrier and M5x35 on X carrier if younchoose to use the bowden bracket

Amazingly well engineered and thought out!
I am thinking about building one with smaller volume. For 30x30 bed. I will adapt the extrusion sizes myself.


I see you use two types of wheels: solid and delrin

Does it matter?

Thank you so much

You dont have to change any extrusions for 3030 but this you decide for yourself.

I advice you to join the fb builders club to get all info. Also there is the fb page and a new website coming

For wheels choose one of the 3 kits. All V-Wheels will fit

I meant 300x300mm bed (30cm x 30 cm) :) Sorry.

Thanks for the links and comments on the wheels.

This is exactly what i have been looking for. Just one question, how much weight would a buildplate like this be able to handle? Thanks for designing this.

Nvm. found a picture on facebook. Seems to be insanely strong! https://www.facebook.com/vking3d/photos/a.2155671871327877/2265848353643561/?type=3

Thank you Raines!

I have no idea how much the buildplate takes - It takes what ever the 2 belts can keep up and it is way more than you ever will print :)

You found the right picture - I advice the github repository for the latest stl files

We are closing 1000 downloads so there is a group for the builders - Velcome to the club:


This looks great... Do you have another link to the build plate? I can't seem to find one out in the wild that's this size, and the link in the BOM seems broken.


As for budget version just find a 6mm or more 350*400 mm alu plate on ebay

The best option you can get here: http://clever3d.de/epages/7a4290fc-7c7f-46cc-9b99-eadef22228e2.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/7a4290fc-7c7f-46cc-9b99-eadef22228e2/Products/AluGuss8mm

I made a new titan extruder bracket so that the screws are outside - not under the motor


Great project !

Can you provide the V-Slide_ThumbScrew_M5 .STEP file?

It is missing at V-King/Source Files/

Absolutely - I added it to the Repository aswell

Updated the BOM with links to good pulleys that fit


So I updated the component part list with links to more components. Download the BOM.ZIP for latest itaration

X-Carrier is updated with stronger support for the BL Touch Sensor

I'm assuming this is requiring a completely seperate box to enclose?

Thank you for the interest. At this point it needs a seperate box. I am working on a bottom enclosure for the electronics. Then the motors can be turned up and there is possible to add walls and top for enclosing. I might design this on a later stage

See attachment

New video - Printing the X idler brackets then assemble the idlers and adding the X-axis

You find all the links in the coffe shop: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/pro3d

Hi Roy,

Just found your project today and quite excited to see the design, also have some questions...

  1. Have you any plans to add a direct drive extruder instead of a Bowden? Would like to do that but not sure if the x gantry can take the weight of a direct drive?

  2. Would it be difficult to scale it down to take a 300 x 300 mm build plate, i.e. any parts need redesigned?

  3. How is the bed levelled - adjustment screws underneath?

  4. I'd like to use a Duet controller but I'm not too experienced with setting up core XY - will you be doing any build tutorials for the Duet?

  5. Is the worm gear just a passive device rather than driving the Z?



Thanks for the response!

1- The X gantry can take the weight of a direct drive no problem! - I do not have any plans on adding a direct drive on this as it is optimized for high acceleration and jerk which is not something you run with a direct drive on there

How ever I do have a x-carrier that could be used as a modular one fitting anything. It is in the extra section on github

2- No redesign needed - Just fit a 300*300 bed in there and you are fine. If you want a smaller frame as well then cut some off or order shorter V-Slots

3- Adjustment screws under the corners

4- I am connecting the Duet these days so I can do some guidance on how to later

5- It is a driving gear 20:1 reduction on the Z motor to keep it from dropping when not powered


Thansk Roy,

Thanks for the fast reply!

I may even consider a Nimble extruder as it's light (27gms) and is more like a direct drive...


Wil be following your Duet install as I have seen it working on a friends DBot and it is a very nice controller.

Yes The nimble is one way to try direct. There is one guy witch has been testing that recently on the V-King

Would love to hear how that goes for him. By all accounts it is a nice extruder, the only negative I have read is that the Breech part tends to wear out, but I have no personal experience with it.

The nimble is perfect for this printer, direct drive is so much nicer to work with than a long bowden. I dont really see a problem with the breech. Didn't have this problem myself. And even if it does wear out, it can't be that expensive to replace,

The shipping from New Zealand would cost more than the part. I have a Nimble on my Hypercube 300 and just don't see how it's going to wear out. I guess I will see when and if it happens.

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Hi Roy

Very nice!!!!

Can you upload the 3d model of all the printer with the parts in place? Is to see where goes every part for making the assembly. Thank you

I will add a list with links to some assemblies

It is a little bit hard to do as I am working on the model from time to time so it might not be in the state you want. I will make some animations for you - also there are some drawings there

I thought you had the whole printer modeled.
I'm interested in the top gantry CoreXY part. You did an excellent job in that area.
I will see what I can do.
The A360 model it's a phenomenal boost
Thank you again!!!

Yes!!! this is the part i wanted!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

I do have the whole thing modeled - I just like to share it in smaller assys not the whole thing if that is ok?

Did you consider using this design but going larger? 500x500 or even 800x800.. My guess is bed support may be an issue at that size but adding a middle support bar to each side of the cube with your track system should help with that issue. thoughts?

The reason why i ask is i love the direction of this build, but i really need something larger.

I do not consider going over 400x400 with this design. It can be done with a totally different setup. First of all the belts start getting really long. Second the bed will be to heavy so you want to move the xy gantry rather than the bed. Also probably using more motors on Z. Middle support you go with a lifting bed yes

Could you do a 3030 extrusion version for those who already have a HEVO frame?

Hi and thanks for the response. For this design you need v-slots not t-slot so you are better off buying new extrusions. You could probably just change 3 for the xy and try using the lead Z. I don't know if there is 3030 v slots available and it is not a priority right now I am sorry

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