Improved Roomba Aerovac bin door

by gt6k May 20, 2018
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I seem to remember that i did have the dimples fail sometimes and it seemed to depend o the layer height. If the dimples aren't bonding try going to a thicker layer, if the corner is melting try slowing the print or using a thinner layer until past the dimple. It was successful with .020 and .015 layers. As in the photo of the red one on the bed, it was printed teeth down with support.

Cool designs! I'm having a bit of trouble printing the door with teeth. Even with supports, the open area in the hinge section that contains nubs is not coming out right. I have a feeling that it has to do with the orientation of the part when slicing; everything else comes out clean and strong, but at least one of the bumps (usually the one closest to the bed) get misshapen or falls off. Any advice?