Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Creality CR-10 X axis cable drag chain

by stevenfayers May 21, 2018
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While running, does the chain move outside the edge of the printer? I have my printer in an enclosure. I have some room past the outermost edge, but not a bunch. Looking at the first picture here, it seems his X bearing it right up against a wall, so I would assume no, but just wantt o make sure. Thanks.

Also, for the people that have the full X, Y, & Z set, same question.

Hi. It extends by approx 7cm beyond the upright 40x20 V frame, or 3cm beyond the end of the X carriage assembly. Hope it helps.

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Hi Steve,
as I wrote you in my previous PM, here are the pictures.
As soon as you stabilize the Z-axsis you are limited in the printing hights.
In one picture I've done a simple sketch.

Hi Dom

I think I got it. Is the attached what you are after?


p.s. V2 I think is right length to avoid brace but also avoid X hitting it when X in/near 0

Hi Steve,

thank you so much for your support.
I am going to print this on the weekend.
I will keep you up to date.


Hi Steve,
I did the printing yesterday.
Looks like it needs more modIfication. Don't know if you would like to...? Don't want to waste your time.
Got another idea for the issue.
The cable ducts is still hitting X.
Reached a better heights but still not enough.
My idea is to put the cable ducts near Z. Putting a small step in for X to avoid hitting.
and finally a small curve to connect to X.
Yellow is the top view.
Red is the side view.
What do you think?
As I wrote I don't want to waste your time.
Thanks again for your support so far!

Hi Dom

Like the attached?

Perhaps you can check the dimensions of the various sections?


Hi Steve!
Sorry for my late reply.
Here some pictures of the printed new design.
Looks quite good. Could need 3 to 5mm more before the frist step due to the Z-Axis holder.
See attached pictures.

Thanks you again so much for your support!

Hi Dom

I extended to first step by 5mm in the attached.
Hope it helps (and thanks for getting back to me and the trial-and-error printing!)


Hi Dom

I'll have a look at it tonight. I can see from your pictures the problem and the idea!


Hi Stephen,

I printed the V4 Brace and have it in operation in this video


as you can see the CR10 5S has some distance issues to over come

having a longer arm on the brace would reduce the slack in the flexable section

Hi Phap

I've attached a file with the arm 100mm longer (half the extra distance between the normal S and S5). Also attached is the X bracket with 100mm longer landing tray for the cable. I'm not sure if the latter is necessary as I don't have an S5 to try it out on. Also it would mean it protrudes from the side of the printer when the X is towards the right side of the printer.

Hope it helps.
best regards

Cheers Stephen,

I will get these printed when I get a new roll of red filiment

The landing tray is not needed IMO



Will this part work with the CR10 S5 ?

Also a picture showing how this part is used and attached would be awesome :)

Hi Phap,

pls. see pictures in my latest comment.

Anyone know of a x-mount that will work with titan direct setup? I am using the PetsFang Direct mount below and it look like the x-mount would be in the way of the stepper mount.


Petsfang Direct for E3D Titan Direct Extruder for Micro Swiss/ E3Dv6/ or Stock CR10 & Tevo Tornado hot ends
by dpetsel

Can someone provide a picture and maybe some cura settings on the orientation and supports you use to print the x bracket V11 and the combo XZ bracket? My prints are failing 3 and 5 hours in and I assume its the orientation.

Attached is the orientation I used. Both require supports for >50° at about 10%. 100% infill for the rest with 3 walls and lines for infill with 5-8% overlap.

So i Just reran the XZ bracket and it continues to fail in roughly the same place I think.
Here is my orientation (same as yours) and all my settings (as you recommended them.

What REALLY confuses me is how its failing. The Bracket fail picture is the one I pulled off the bed this morning. You'll notice the part that is supposed to be going up in the Z axis is very very misaligned and is not at the end of the bracket. I am not sure how this is happening at all... But if anyone has any grand ideas please feel free to enlighten me!

So I am already using your combo ZY drag chains which is great. How do I install this?
Could you upload a better picture please?

can you upload the parts so i can remix tem in solidworks?

I printed your x, y, and z chains. These are great and working well on my printer. However, I'm not sure if I did something wrong somewhere along the line (likely, I'll admit), but I ended up needing a couple extra links for each of the 3 chains. Just an FYI for anyone else that wants to print these.

I made it and it works just fine. but I think I'm going to remix it to be compatible with the petsfang mod.
could you upload the part file, please?

I´m struggling on the position of the "big piece", vertical combo bracket and i don´t want to mess my printer. Can you port a front/rear and a lateral photo so I can start to unmount parts of the printer?
I tried several positions but I didn't get to the "final" conclusion. I think I´m missing some basic and simple step.
Thanks for the help.

Were you able to figure out a good position for the big piece?

Whats this for a fan module on the first image? Can you tell me the source please?

Creality CR-10 easy-print hotend fan housing /fangs for axial fans (40mm, 50mm)

Please Post a picture of the Y bracket. Need to know how it installs. Nice Template though. Will Post a make, if it's all finished

apperntly your pictures didn't help. It showed the wrong parts. But:
I have remixed your cable drag with the extruder holder from an other guy. I found out how to mount your thing, and I posted detailed pictures there.

Remix of mp23's E3D Titan Aero Cr10s Mount
by Darktic

Hello, could you include a picture of the installed XZ bracket? I have the YZ bracket and am trying to find out how to integrate it all into one system, but can't seem to wrap my head around how the XZ bracket installs.

Hi, what material did you print this in?