Oculus Saber Remix of Wully's Design

by Liverguts May 22, 2018
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I built the original and when tried to place the controllers in they cracked, so I decided to build this remix - sadly the same thing happened. Cracked in the same place. I was super careful and made sure not to interchange them, but it still happened. I thought it might be perhaps my simplistic printer - but comments below reflect the same.

Worth a shot, but costly in the end.

Hello it seems we all have the problem of this breaking even if at 101% right?
When I slice the model in ideamaker or cura there is this crack/anomaly in every print.
First print I thought was just print gone wrong then I noticed that every print has this aaand is also where it at least for me ALWAYS breaks when I slide in the controller.. this is on original wully and also on this remix when I slice it and print it its there.. could this it be why its breaking on us? even in the pictures below that dante posted I can cleary see the circle on the handle where it broke (theres a large thin area and a smaller area as you can see in my slice photo) its also where it breaks

Anyone found out a good design that works ? or how to fix this model ? I have tried playing with even the broken cups .. the next thing that hapend is the screw that's holding the handles together snapped off inside the handle.. so theres also that problem.. it was printed 100% and ABS so.. I have no idea how to make this work :)

This design (or Wully's) is not working for me. Always break even if printed at 101%. I'm trying to think of a design where you easily lock the controller fully with the strap.

I have printed it but the touchs did not fit well and it has cracked in both cases. Left and right touch case are interchanged

Should be a nice snug fit, that almost feels too tight. If it is too tight, try printing at a scale of 100-101% range. Left and right are not designed to be interchangeable and can break if you put the left controller in the right cup for example, that's why I put a little L and R on each saber.

Happy Printing, Cheers!

In this photo you can see that in the right (R) saber is put on the left touch . It should be the opposite, no?

It's possible for it to fit, but it doesn't conform correctly...it wiggles a bit. Also it can break the saber, putting the proper controller in its respective saber should feel like its too tight at first. Let the curvature of the controller guide it in, it'll go in a little twisted at first and then pops right into place for a nice snug fit. I hate straps so, the saber needs to be quite tight.