Skimmer Pod and Camera Gimbal (For DSLRs, Mirrorless, etc)

by martin_au May 23, 2018
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Where can I find that offset arca mount in your first picture? I need one similar to that.

That’s just offone of my tripods. If the camera doesn’t weigh much you could print one, otherwise camera store or eBay.

What are the rope-looking things in the base for?

This design includes circular storage spots to store lens caps, teleconverters, etc. There are holes already in place to run shockcord. The storage spots are easily wide enough for a 72mm lens cap.

Oh, they're for retaining things in those slots, that makes sense.

Thanks, nice design.
Have you included the design files, do you mind sharing them, I would like to modify to make my camera balance better.

I'll upload step files in the next day or so.

I was looking for somethink like that for a long time :-)
Do you think it is robust enough for a Nikon D610+Nikkor 600mm (nearly 6kg)?

Great design

15 pounds is doable, but I think you'll find that the long lever arm ends up breaking after a while with PLA. If you could mirror this such that the first connecting arm has one on each side, it would probably require only a similar amount of plastic due to requiring less infill for better strength.

Tough call. That's a lot of camera. I'd print it with heavy perimeters and lots of infill, and test it well before using it seriously. If you aren't confident with the testing, then worst case, you're out a bit of plastic and a few bucks worth of hardware. There's only about 450gm total weight (including all hardware) in the thing, so you should be able to print everything in about half a roll of filament.