Iron Spider Legs - Avengers: Infinity War

by HappyMoon May 23, 2018
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Hi HappyMoon! First, thank you so much for this model. I have some notes for you to improve this model. I printed at 80% of the original size, but I had to print the pegs at 78%, but they still did not fit properly. Another thing that you will see in the pics is that the connection between the second and third part (joints) is very broad. The connection between the first and second part doesn't fit. If you ajust that things, i can print again and give to you a feedback. Thank you again!

Sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know, I will try and take a look at the files soon.

Did you manage to fix this at all. I’ve just started printing them and they don’t fit at all

I'm extremely sorry I forgot to upload the fixed files - I have added some changes to the above mentioned files and they should hopefully function correctly now. These new files have 'FIXED' at the end of their filenames.

Leg 1 is still to shallow to add another leg into it. The holes won’t line up.

Are those definitely the 'FIXED' files? Looking at them in Blender they seem to have a much looser fit.

This is awesome! Is there any chance you would be willing/able to scale your files down to 1:12 scale? I tried downloading this to scale myself for the 6-inch Marvel Legends figure, but my softare randomly auto-scaled it and I can't get the dimensions right. The static file would be great, but the articulated files would be incredible. Thank you for considering!

Are you able to scale it down in your slicer? Usually there's a way to slice the files at a certain percentage-scale - I believe 8.3% should bring the file down to roughly a 12th of the original size. :)

I have played around with the scale already, but unfortunately when I open the file initially, my software scales it because it is too big. So, I never actually see the original sized file to be able to scale that. I will try playing around with it some more.

Wow!! F#ck1ng Awesome!! This means.. are you working in iron spider ???

Thanks so much! I plan on starting an Iron Spider bust fairly soon :D

Now, I think I love you XD !!!

Awesome job on these! What did you model these in? Would you be able to add 1" counter bores in the joints so magnets could be put in there?

Thanks! They were modelled in Blender :)
Sorry I'm not too sure what you mean, are those slots to attach the pieces together, or to make them articulated?

Just a hole in the end to fit rare earth magnets in

New files have been added with 1 inch holes in the joints :)

Perfect!! I hope to be able to get onto these (and your web blasters) soon! Are you on IG? I can tag you in progress/results.

Sorry I'm currently not on Instagram, however I do have a Twitter account if you're interested :D

And i say it once again wow what an amazing file. and are you planning on making an iron spider bust where these legs can attach to.

Thanks! :D
I do have a couple other projects going at the moment, but I'll certainly give it a go :)

Nice! That'd be really cool