The "OptiCooler" dual fan duct part cooling solution for Wanhao Di3

by printingotb May 28, 2018
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I finally printed the Plus version but it's too low and drags on the print (very hard to adjust the screws with a screwdriver, it needs an allen key).
I'll adjust and drop the nozzle throat to give it more clearance.

I'm having difficulty printing the fan bracket (Plus model), the right side of the bracket (with the smaller footprint) is coming off the bed before it joins.
Can I suggest, is it possible for you to create a model with a small brim which keeps all three 'pieces' (left, right bracket + the snap-off block) in place during the print?

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Why not simply enable a brim in your slicer?
If it still doesn't work, send me a PM with your e-mail and I can make something for you.

I was hoping to avoid a brim or raft as the final bottom finish is nowhere near as nice as when printed without.

Do you think you could make a version of the fan mount with some way of a more secure mounting for the fans? They don't seem tight enough to keep fastened with just friction alone. I had to put a dab of hot glue between the fans and the mount part, to make the fans more secure, since it felt like the fans might get knocked loose when traversing.

Have you glued or zip-tied the fans together? They should basically lock them selves in place as long as they are stuck together. At least they do for me using the Sunon fans I linked. I have to use force to remove them.

They are bolted together. But yeah, they are not Sunon fans, nor are they good... Could be that the dimensions are slightly different despite being of the same fan type "standard". I guess I could try to add something between the fans, like felt or something like that to slightly make the fan package thicker, but the hot glue keeps them in place well and is still relatively easy to remove.

I measured two of my Sunon fans, they are both 20.1*15.4mm
For a possible future upgrade of this cooler, I will take note to try to make a better fit for varying dimensions.
You could probably heat the printed part a bit and squish it together.

Hi and congratulation for the project. I have just a a question. Can I print the Funnels in ABS, to support the hight temperature of extruding and the FanBracket in PLA? or it need all part in ABS?
(I need to print hight temperature materials and I saw the Fanbracket is distant from the nozzle, is it right?). thanks in advance for your reply :)

If you are going to print inside an enclosure with ABS-temp on the bed, you will probably need to print the bracket in PETG or ABS.
Also, if you printi the funnels in ABS and the bracket in PLA or PETG, the funnels may shrink a bit more than the bracket, resulting in a loose fit. (I did that and it still works fine though, may depend on the brands of filament used).

Thanks for posting the awesome design firstly! Now, I downloaded a upgraded duct for the standard 4010 fan as soon as I got my printer and I get a tiny bit more ringing. I’m assuming due to either extra weight or offsetting the balance, being mounted far back on the rear of the x carriage. I’m wondering if anyone has noticed increased ringing/ghosting with this fitted? The reviews on the 24v fans on amazon are crap so I’m probably going to get 2x 12v 5015’s to run in series and see how that goes!

Thank you!
I have not done a comparison with the weight in front vs the back. But I believe, moving the weight to the back should be better when it comes to ringing. It should act like a counter weight in some regard, moving the center of gravity closer to the X-axis.
Let me know how it works using two 12V in series!

This thing looks amazing! So well designed and easy to print.

But, dude, this thing is nigh impossible to find using the Thingieverse search! I spent like half an hour using high level Google-fu to find this again! Adding something like "fan duct" to the name would make it infintely easier to find

Anyway, thanks for the amazing model. Can't wait to test this!

Thank you! Awesome make you posted :)
I added fan duct to the name and added those as separate tags as well. Thingiverse suggested "fan_duct" with an underscore instead of space.

I have made this and it seems to work ok however i keep having an issue that the rear tends to ride to low and can sometimes hit the print. also do you have the file you used to mount the smoother board? [Im using a 2.1 and im having a heck of a time figueing out where to mount mine]

The smoother board in the picture is not from my own printer, I don't know where it is from (I made my own and soldered directly on the motor cable).
If it is too low in the rear only, something is either bent or there is something (like a blob) that makes it misalign when you tighten it.
Can you take a picture from the side?

Thank you so much for publishing the fusion files! I cannot express how much I appreciate this!

You're welcome! What are you making?

I'm using a minimalist combo of titan-aero-vulcan. Really just 3 igus bearings on a small mountplate which directly mounts the extruder motor with the titan attached. Did not find any readymade part cooler that even fits not even considering efficiency so there is no way around a custom solution. Not having to design, test and reiterate proper nozzles but only fanmount and air-feeds is a huge time saver. Trying to do it all with one blower for weight/inertia reasons.
Your nozzle design stands out in terms of simplicity while maintaining efficiency. Most nozzles are bricks :D

Sounds awesome. I hope the fusion files work for you, they are a bit chaotic since I was still learning when I started this project.

Oh yes they work fine. Things break easily in fusion, but with some practice are easy to fix, and I had to remove most of your elements anyway. Got a prototype up which already works better then anything else before. If you want I can post a remix once I'm happy.

I'd love to see it :)

The clearance on the Plus doesn't seem too great on the right side and I have it pushed up as far as possible.. Any ideas?
Do you still have the power board on that metal holder?

I don't have a plus printer myself, I made that version with the help of person who has one.
Can you provide a picture?

I had another proper look at the print today and it seems that it was a slight print defect where the screws go, It was stopping one screw going all the way to the bottom making it sit lower on one side. :)

Awesome cooler by the way.

Nice that you got that sorted out. Thanks!

I just tried a print and it seemed to stay clear of the print when passing over it.. I'll see how it goes and try re-adjusting it to see if i can bring it any higher. I'll get back to you when i get a chance to look at it :)

Hello, I really like your design, but I have different style printer, and since I don't have fusion 360, can you please also share the funnels in step format? Thank you!

I'm trying to keep the number of different files for a each thing to a minimum.
Send a message directly to me with your e-mail so that I can send them to you.

Comments deleted.

I printed this in PETG and the nozzles seem a bit loose. They tend to droop and the one on the right sometimes rubs against the print.

any recommendations? I am considering scaling X and Y to 102% or something and seeing if that fits a little better.

Yeah, that's probably the easiest way to make it fit on your end. Also check that the sockets doesn't have a crack between layers that makes them loose.

No cracks between layers here.

102% was a little too snug and difficult to install. 101% did the trick.

On my Di3v2.1 the left nozzle is a few mm closer to the block than the right one, by the way.

From installation notes: (If necessary, the entire hotend can be moved slightly by loosening the two screws holding the cold block from beneath).
Also make sure that the bracket is mounted level to the bed.
Let me know if it helps.

hm, i haven't gotten far enough into this di3 to mess with the bracket but i will look at that. The cooling block is already as far to the right as it goes.

I was referring to the printed fan-bracket.
My three V2.1 is centered but I'm sure the exact position of the hotend can vary between printers.
If all else fails, you can take a drill to the mounting slots on the printed fan-bracket, slightly larger in diameter than the slots.

I love this design and I've purchased the fans for it,however, do you do a spacer for this type of carraige? I can't get it to fit otherwise. The other coolers seem to have a spacer for it.

Glad you like it!
What type of carriage? I have spacers for V2.0 and V2.1 printers. The Plus printer does not need any spacer.
It looks like you need the "SpacerPlasticblock" for V2.1 printer.

The SpacerPlasticBlock doesn’t seem to work. If you look at the picture I enclosed you’ll see it’s an odd shape. The screws are very tight to the bearing block. Using that the nozzle didn’t seem to position correctly.

Are you using the stock bearing block?
Did you print the correct funnels (not the plus funnels)?
Can you post a picture of the issue with the Opticooler installed?


in case of 2 blowers - are 2x 24v for the i3plus (24v is stock voltage) is okay or should i use then 2x 12v? :D

That depends how you wire it. either 24v or 12v fans are possible. I used two 12v in series because i couldn't find any decent 24v fans on amazon, (connect one pos from the first fan to the negative from the second fan, your should be left with a positive from one fan and a negative from the other one, use the two free wires to connect to your printer.)

The i3plus needs to have 24V fans.

Do you think this would work with the flexion extruder?

I have not used the flexion myself but it looks to be keeping the same position of the nozzle as the stock extruder/hotend.
It should work with the Opticooler.
Let me know how it goes!

I love this design, but are there any recommendations on how to print this somewhere? Orientation? Supports? I've had two goes at this, four hours each time and its failed miserably. Can you please advise? Pictures would be handy please.

Hi there Neil!
All parts should be printed in the orientation they appear, all without supports. I recommend printing each part alone. Print around 30mm/sec and 100% cooling.
What parts failed and where did they fail?
These are the recommendations as I listed them in the description, I was told that the funnels can also be printed rather well in vase mode (or spiralize in cura).
Print recommendations
0,16mm layer height.
3 walls for the FanBracket
4 walls for the Spacer
0% infill on all
You probably need a brim on the funnels.
If you are only printing at PLA temps, you can use PLA for this. PETG or ABS is recommended for anything hotter. But make sure you can print them with good layer adhesion. The funnels are only two walls thick.

What about settings for the funnels?

Print them slow, like 20mm/s.
0.16 layer height
Since they are so thin, no infill is needed and 2 wall lines is enough.
Use high cooling.
Some have even had success printing them in vase mode.

Thanks for the very prompt reply! And cool design.

Thank you very much for the quick reply. Funnily enough, I’m tying again at 0.1mm, half speed at 100% fan. Hopefully that should do it - fingers crossed.

Let me know how it goes!

I think I need some help. I am using a Wanhao 2.1, but a E3D V6 hotend. The hotend is a little shorter than stock and the ducts are too low even in the highest position. Is there an easy way to modify the file to get more adjustment? Just need a few more mm.

I have now uploaded a "FanBracket_E3Dv6_BETA" stl. It is changed 3mm, is that enough?
(I modelled the original assuming that most other hotends were lower than the stock one).

Awesome thanks. I will test it out later today!!

Let me know if it works!

The file is a bit chaotic, I'm on it..

On a wanhao 2.1, the mount seems to have horizontal adjustment in the wrong direction. It starts out as pretty close but can be adjusted to be colliding with the heating block.

First, thanks a lot for the tip man! Much appreciated!
Yes, I removed that version (there was a miscalculation of 0,5mm or it should have been centered when mounted at one end of the slot). The current version is only adjustable in hight and should be centered fairly good. I have noticed that the mounting of the hotend in relation to the bearing-block varies a small amount between my three printers. You can loosen two screws holding the cold-block from beneath and adjust it slightly horizontally.
Adjusting the hotend like this worked on my printers even with the 0,5mm offset (that's why I didn't notice at first). But I'm sure there can be even more difference between many printers. It could be that the printer I used to measure the centre is closer to one side compared to a large number of printers and that I need to adjust the files.
Let me know if I can help you further.

is that a smoother on the bracket?

The pictures of the Plus version is not from my printer but yes, it looks like a TL smoother board on top of the extruder motor.

waiting on some hot-end spares and i will be printing this. hopefully the adjust-ability works with the flexion installed. i will report back

Looking forward to you results.

Aw man, I've been trying to print the funnels. Gone for a large brim, and i've had it tear off the brim part way through. It's a tricky print!

Hmm what filament are you printing it in?
How far up does it get before it pops off?
If there is upwards curling that catches the nozzle, try printing it really slow.
How does the part hold together otherwise? Is layer adhesion good?

The culprit was E Stepping calibration needing to be done - I'd been printing on .2/.3mm most of the time which masked it. A suggestion is that if your slicer supports varying layer thicknesses, do the first 1.5mm at .3mm layer height, to help with adhesion.

I've got the last part of it printing now - it looks great!

Hey mate

great design - i just printed this for my duplicator which is a V2, modified all metal hotend and printed plastic bearing blocks that are the same as the 2.1 but having height issues because of the metal hotend.

do you have the fusion files that you are willing to send so i can remix?

thank you

Hi there!
Several people have asked for a version that is adjustable in height. I'm going to add a second FanBracket for other hotends, hopefully today.
If that doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll send the Fusion file (it's chaotic).

Thanks mate

Sounds good - can't wait to try it and see how it pans out :)