Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

1KG Twist-Lock Masterspool

by Cova May 25, 2018
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Really love the idea and have printed some hubs and spools, however I cannot make a key sturdy enough that it won't just break when I try to use it. Any suggestions? I only have PLA. I tried 100% infill and 4 walls to make it sturdy. I tried annealing it (baking it).

Can you send me a picture of a broken one so I can see exactly where/how it is failing? I'll see what I can do to fix it up for you.

Works good. Thank you. I can still see a bit of strain on it where it will likely break eventually, but I will try annealing it and seeing if it makes it any stronger. It's only about 10 cents of material so even if I only use 1 per roll it's well worth it. Thanks!

I can send later. For now I can say it's just breaking off at the joint (where the pegs connect to the base of the circle). I can still get the spools open other ways :)

I've added a 'Stronger Key.STL' file - hopefully that helps you out. I haven't printed and tested it yet, but I don't anticipate any problems with it.

Wow, thanks so much! I will give it a try.

So is the purpose of this to eliminate the need for zip ties?

If you want to take the filament refill back off the spool before it is used up, you will still need zip-ties (or velcro straps or something) to keep the refill from becoming a tangled mess.

The purpose of this is to provide an easy-to-assemble spool for refills that prints using a fraction of the plastic required to print most others (that means less time to print it as well), and with improved functionality - so far, better catches for the filament ends that keeps the end entirely inside the spool when not in use, and re-usability of some parts of the spool across multiple manufacturers refill rolls of differing dimensions (just print a new hub and use your existing sides).

Ah OK I didn't realize it was so much less plastic. Thanks!

After printing this I noticed that the "clips" are fused to the body on the hub. Maybe adding in 2 or 3 small supports that you can break off post print would be easier than having to cut away that little piece.

Other than that I really like this master spool!

Just updated the hub, and added some perforations along the snap line that should make them easier to break free.

It will depend on the slicer and print settings used by various people - I made that section as thin as I could make it before Simplify3D would ignore it with normal print settings for a 0.4mm nozzle. In all of my test prints, it's been very easy to just push on the clips with my thumb and snap it along that line - I've never needed to cut away anything. But I appreciate the feedback - I'll look into putting a series of holes through it as well to make it even easier to break free, like a perforated tear-line on a paper.