Iris Ball

by msruggles Aug 27, 2012
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How do I use the filament to put the leaf to be activated by the rings?

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I had problems with the pins too - I shrank them on the z-axis and the x-axis down to 90% to reduce the pin "girth". (85% had too much wiggle, and i could get 95% in, but it was painful.) I kept the y-axis at 100% to keep the length the same. Worked like a charm. If I printed this again, I'd probably use a raft because the pin holes in the ball body are against the print bed, and I print with my first layer heavy, so the pin hole openings were a little small on the first layer. Overall, great design. Thanks for sharing the .step files too!

can you scale it down?

I don't see why not. However, some of the parts, like the pins, might become hard to use. How far down were you going to scale it?

If your prints are coming out too big or too small, its because you printer hasn't been calibrated. Watch some youtube, once you tune them, you wont have that problem. If you still have a small fit problem, its likely the slicer, try switching slicers or set shells to 2.

the plate print file prints really smoothly

Not sure what I did wrong. The pins are way too big, but it looks like that's a common problem. I also had to sand the ring a lot to get it to go on, and even more to get it to move. Everything is just way too tight on this.

what is suppose to be used as "pins" for the ring?

It's in the instructions. Use some 1.75mm filament from your printer or some other material of a similar diameter.

cool design. I printed a set out of cool gray ABS on a Makerbot Replicator 2X. The pins were large but I just trimmed the holes with an xacto blade. The mechanism is REALLY difficult for me to get a grip on and turn. Otherwise a neat print!

Same here. Very cool design but a real pain to manipulate. For others comments about the pins I used a paper clip and cut small pins out of it. A little super glue and you are good to go.

I really want to make this, but it won't seem to slice with Slic3r. Any tips?

what seems to be the problem? if it says that there is a manifold hole near edge or center, ect., I recommend netfab cloud service. they will repair your .stl file for free.

it's really great! the pins are too large though. I had to scale them down.

Well that's frustrating. My CAD model is measuring 5.3mm holes. I wonder what happened. I'll look into it and see if I can't find where things went wrong.

 I think 5.3 holes would be a stretch to fit in. Maybe just make different pins?

I printed all the parts out, unfortunately the Pins appear to be too big to fit. any suggestions?

The body of the pin should be 5mm DIA and the head 6mm DIA. Overall length should be 8mm. Are they not snapping in? or breaking? Let me know.

the pins just didnt print right. just squiggles on the board. do you have them in a separate file?

 Download the IndividualSTL.zip file. There is a separate pin in there.

got it! made a pokeball. currently printing one twice as big

This looks really cool, great job!