Anycubic Photon save resin platform bracket

by maximscy May 25, 2018
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Gracias por compartir tu trabajo. Un saludo.

I just rotate it on the mount 90 degrees.

Guys, i use to rotate 90 degrees so bed is perpendicular, this is possible only with less than 5cm prints.
This mod will be super useful for larger ones.
We need to mind while taking out the bed and rotating and / or placing the adapter, it still dripping uncured resin all over the place, would be great to have a piece of paper or another mod with a ramp to hold all the drops form the bed so they do not get in the door magnet, under the VAT or even squirt vertically to the touch screen

well, on a successful print, I do not turn the platform at all, I simply wait for the resin to drip off, not sure if turning it will increase the runoff or in fact hinder it. I guess it depends on the printed object and its orientation.
I usually use that technique only for failed prints, where nothing stuck to the platform, or after I have removed the printed object from the platform.

it does, since the most resin is on the bed itself usually.

thank you for sharing this, but isn´t it easier (and that is how I am doing it) to simply turn the platform 90° and slide it back onto the original holder? It achieves the same goal and you do not need to fiddle around with an additional component. See attached picture.

First: thanks for pointing that trick, most users had not realized that the connector is a perfect square and allows it to be placed perpendicular.
But although it is a great solution for many uses, if the printed figure has a height greater than ~ 3cm, it touches the wall of the printer. On the other hand, putting the platform in this way, it is not possible to close the lid of the printer, which causes an undesired curing when sun UV light is not filtered. It seems that after all, this design does have a real use ;)

YOU, sir are a GD Genius.... I am not sure why people use this bracket...as cool as it is....when we can just do as you remarked. Thank you.

OMG dude, you are genius! That is the best seen ive seen today )) Thanks for the idea!

So I guess the idea is you pull print off the bed then use this to let left over resin from plate drip back into vat?