Forest tiles for Terraforming Mars game

by Rikkitik May 27, 2018
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Great work!

How did you get that shading on your ocean tiles? They look incredible!

Thank you :)

The model of ocean tile isn’t mine, i remember it may be from boardgamegeek forum. But painting is mine.

It’s a wet painting with a soft round “watercolor” brush. I used 3 main acrylic colors (blue, dark blue, light blue) and white one for foam. I paint from light “waves” to dark “deep places” each hexagon separately mostly not overlaying colors and letting wet colors partly mix on borders. Don’t care about smooth and thin paint coat. The last step is white foam, painted whith watercolor brush number 0 in “dot” technique. All the process really takes about 3 minutes per tile. And 2 layers of glossy varnish after drying.

Thanks for the reply. I recently got into painting, so I'm considering taking this on for my next project.

Keep up the great work!

Looks like it would be easy to make these into hexes for the "Settlers of Cataan" game.

Woha, great job. Could I ask just for a little variant? It would be great if the forest with the square "clearing" in the middle would have a bit smaller space, just big enough to fit the cubes for the game.

In any case, thanks, I'm right now printing your tiles for my game :)

OK. I’m really busy now, but i try to remake models when i get enough time (this week, i think). And what size of the cube pad do you need (in millimeters)? I’ve done this job for my friend as a birthday gift, so i haven’t my own game to measure cubes.

Thank you very much! The game cubes measure slightly above 8mm, so I think a 9mm cube pad would be more than enough.

Does it fit right?

Perfect, now it fits just perfect. Thank you very much!

Thank you for your comment
I used “INK3.DE” filament (made in Poland) for forest tiles in “Mr.Green” color. It is very attractive and optimistic color, i like to use it for toys. But it is not durable enough, thin parts like toy legs can be broken easily and need to be glued sometimes.

Awesome work! What PLA exactly did you use?(brad and model) I did try with some greens but i cannnot achieve good results always is too light or too dark.

Thanks! keep up the good work