Extremely loud and compact emergency whistle

by whistleblower May 27, 2018
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Super loud, quick print and small size. Perfect design and works really well. Much louder than V29 whistle.

0% infill - requires very hard blow to work at all.
15% infill - very loud for such size.
Someday will try 20% infill and carbon fiber infused PLA...

this thing is awesome! printed quickly and is super super loud

Hi, I try to search the loudest whistle on Thingiverse, but how I can select the loudest one when measurement conditions are not the same.
So, I measured it on my own.

The measured whistles:
V29, Apito MK IV, S1 (D2 is "Game Whistle" as Josh says) and "Extremely loud and compact emergency whistle".

I used a professional sound level meter from my school to measure.
All whistles measurement conditions are the same - the same distance (1m) and as possible the same airflow.
The result of my measurement is the following:

The loudest: Apito MK IV 109.5 dBa
Second place: "Extremely loud and compact emergency whistle" 109 dBa
Third place: V29 108 dBa
Fourth place: S1 107.7 dBa

Congratulations Saulo Pinheiro - I didn't find a louder whistle.

Apito MK IV: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2225386
"Extremely loud and compact emergency whistle": https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2933021
V29: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1179160
S1: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3130078

Extremely loud and compact emergency whistle
by jzisa
Emergency & Sports Whistle
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З тих свистків що я роздруковував .. твій самий гучніший.

Very good to print, easy to blow, good and loud tone.

I printed the smaller one in .2mm draft, 20% infill on a kit-built, unmodified, Prusa i3 MK3S using Silver non-Prusament PLA that came from Prusa. It took just about 30 min and worked very well! Nice and loud, and little air required. Ty!

one hell of a whistle, so damn loud you should close your ears before using, great thing

Worked great on my first try. My first "functional" print, so I made six of them back to back.

  • Ender 3 Pro
  • Solutech true white filament 1.75mm
  • 220C nozzle
  • room temperature glass bed with Elmer's purple glue stick.
  • CreAwsome Cura hack using the default 0.2mm settings.

Any chance you have a modeling file you could make available. I'm trying to add text on it for my son. In Fusion it wont convert it to a BREP because of the number of facets. I can't figure out another way to add text to the side. Any thoughts?

Second try. My first reply seems to be flagged for moderation forever. Here is the link to onshape: bit.ly/2XDZRJe

Comments deleted.

I don't see the V1 on here, only the V2. I am trying to experiment with modifications to the tone and shape a little, and the V1 has a design I wish to tinker around with. Could you link to that one by any chance?

I've moved V1 to the same document.

Small object but the sound is extremely loud.
Many thanks!

Wow! These are spectacular! I'm going to make one for every teacher and aide at my school. Thanks so much!

Very cool ! This whistle can make noise very louder !

The best whistle I've printed so far. Printed on my Ender3 perfectly.

I made 4 of them. One for my backpack. The others for family. Even my 8 yo granddaughter can easily produce painful sound, and she enjoys that just a little too much. Great design. Printed easily on Ender 3 Pro with Curawesome Std 0.2mm profile. Not a flaw on any of them.

Holy shit this blows the other whistles I was testing out of the water.
That sound is absolutely deafening!

The loudest thing I've ever heard Jesus christ man good job LOL

Gifting a bunch of these out to friends.

Grey metalic PLA
Resolution 0.2 (Draft)
No Infil

Whistle is very loud and prints very fast!

With which settings? Mine took almost an hour at 0.15mm z-res with a 0.3mm nozzle... It is REALLY loud though!

Hi KVerb,
I have just a stock Monoprice Select Mini V1 (I'm still new to printing)
1.75mm PLA 0.4mm nozzle (I believe this is the stock size)
Layer height was .22 with an 80% infill (no support) and printed at 1.3X speed
It printed in 35-40 minutes

Seems like we just have different definitions of what is a very fast print ;-)

I can confirm that these things are still insanely loud with a lot of stringing

Great look, fast and easy to print, great sound !
This whistle is my second print and the result is really great :)

Printed in PLA on my Ender-3. The print came out perfectly, but the whistle makes almost no noise. I print nothing but functional parts, and my printer and the designs usually agree to less than 0.05 mm, so I don't think this total failure is due to any flaw in the printer. I printed at 0.16 mm layer height.

This is my third whistle and compared to a 50 cent whistle I can get at the dollar store, all of these 3D-printed designs have been a huge disappointment.

Have you tried printing the new version? I don't know when it was added, but like you, I tried printing out a bunch of different whistle designs with little success, until I got to this one. The new file is called "emergency_whistle_v2.stl". I printed mine with PETG at 0.20mm layer height on my Prusa i3 MK3 and it came out loud as hell. Maybe give that one a try, it's geometry is a little different, so maybe it'll work out.

I printed whatever was the newest one a little over a month ago (May 24, 2019). It most definitely did not work, even tough it was a really nice print.

Do you have a photo of the print that doesn't work and maybe the community or the designer could help? I've made a few hundred of these and with only handful of exceptions, they've all been painfully functional.

It printed beautifully. I've attached a photo.

To me, it looks significantly underextruded and not airtight. Here's a pic of one I found that I think was printed at 0.3mm layer height and doesn't look that great, but still hurts my ears.

I probably should have used a less exotic setting on my camera when I took the picture because the macro function I used, coupled with the very strong cross lighting, highlights the layers and makes them seem much coarser than what they really are. It actually is a really nice print.

It was printed with 0.16 mm layer height, and I guarantee you that there is absolutely no sign of under-extrusion.

To check that it printed at the correct size, I imported your STL into Fusion 360 and measured the width at the whistle air opening in the middle. The STL measures 17.02 mm and my printer created a part that measures 17.11 mm, so the print is pretty as accurate as any filament-based printer is likely to produce.

If I adjust the angle in my mouth up and down while I blow, I can get some sound out of it at just the right angle, but if I hold it square in my mouth, as I would any other whistle, I get nothing by the sound of air.

So, I think I did everything right, and there are most definitely no air leaks or holes. I even shined a super-bright LED flashlight up the end, and looked for any pinpoints of light coming through somewhere. Nothing.

Great design, printed really well so I posted the make. Can't believe how loud it is.

Really nice, durable whistle. Takes very little air to blow and extremely loud! My 3rd printed model using CR-260A with default Cura settings with one exception. My first two attempts shifted on the glass bed after partially printing. So I added the ‘brim’ setting and the whistle printed perfectly. Thank you for this nice whistle model.

Отличный свистоль!!! Печатайте ПЛА.

If you have trouble getting noise out of this, try dipping it in cold water to help it harden up after the print. I had a few I thought were fails but a day later they worked, over two days they went from providing just a whistle to adding in a reverberation and extra volume as it cured. I was using PLA that came with the Flashforge Creator Pro. I used Simplify 3D to slice it and printed at 205. White PLA produced a louder sound right away so the ideal temp for blue must be a bit off from that. Very good results though. Impressive! I ran it at 50% infill on med quality. I had to use a raft but might try again without. My initial 10% infill let air out the sides...

Printing a test one of these for my wife's local SES group right now, interested to see how loud it is. Hoping it is better than V29, which was good, but hoping this is better.

Okay, so wow, this is really loud.

These are AMAZING. WAY louder than any other whistle I printed. Less air needed to blow. Really great. Thank you so much for sharing.

That is actually a LOT louder than the V29 (even painful for the ears)

Dear WHistleblower, thanks for this design..it's so fu#$ing loud!

Great job!
Prints easily with the orientation given, no sharp overhangs, worked 1st try, loud without having to blow too hard.
I've made a few different ones but this one has now become my go-to.

Absolutely brilliant design thanks for uploading, this thing sounds like an Air Horn lol

Best whistle on thingiverse.. The first couple I had some air leaking from the sides due to under extrusion.. After that was fixed.. Man o man.. These are loud.. My kids all have them on their backpacks for emergencies.. Have them on keychain.. I have them everywhere!

Note: if you're having trouble and feel like you need to blow hard.. Check the sides.. They are probably leaking air. These should be extremely easy to blow to make whistle.. You'll know when you have it right!

I tried this indoors for about 0.2 seconds and briefly lost hearing in both ears. 11/10 printing an extra one

I compared this with two others on Thingiverse. This one was top of the line-up. The small version is so loud and high pitched, I'm sure it would burst ear drums. The tone is reminiscent of a police whistle. There's not a lot of resistance at all so it takes much less puff than the others to get the same or even higher output. Fantastic design.


  1. Extremely loud and compact emergency whistle: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2933021
  2. Emergency & Sports Whistle: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3130078
  3. V29: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1179160 (takes a lot of puff)
Extremely loud and compact emergency whistle
Emergency & Sports Whistle
by jzisa

This whistle almost blew my ears out first go. 10 lifeguard power trips out of 10.

Outstanding. Made a bunch of the V2 ones for my wife, daughters and female running friends.

This is an amazing whistle. I have printed at least 15 of these to give away to friends, family, and my son's Cub Scout den. Everyone who tries it is amazed by how loud this little whistle is. You should sell these online!

Sounds very promising*... Thank you for the hard work you put in to making this!

*(no pun intended)

Very good whistle! Print the V2 version!
I've printed every whistle I could find on Thingiverse and the updated (v2) version of this one easily wins because it doesn't require a lot of air to whistle and is extremely loud. V1 requires a lot more air than V2 but is just as loud provided you can produce the air volume it wants. V2 is louder than any other whistle I've found to print and makes a quieter (but still attention getting) whistle at half the supplied air volume/pressure. The small flat shape also makes it more comfortable in a pocket or on a zipper pull than the traditional whistle shape.

Very easy to Print and loud but you need to blow relativly hard.
For emergency use I rather have one, which makes sound when I ˋm out of breath.
Still, for getting attention in a park and so on, for seasurvival and the wilderness take another design.

definitely the loudest on thingiverse. great job!

I tried 6 or 7 whistle designs off Thingiverse for a loudest whistle showdown. This won. Easily. Great job, whistleblower!

It just works - and is loud!

can confirm. VERY loud.. try not to use in a small room..

ultra loud whistle
best of

Best I've come across !

wow all i can say is wow this is loud do you know how many decibel this whistle can do

Great little whistle, easy to print, super light and super loud. My kids can even blow it easily. Perfect for our trip overseas when the kids hopefully don't get lost. Thanks

Best Whistle on Thingiverse i have printed! Loud as hell and easy to print!
Very nice job, thanks.

I've printed six whistles off Thingiverse (including the v29 and one other billed as the loudest) - your v2 here is a quick print (18 minutes on my printer) and my family felt it was the loudest of all!

Whoa. Whar were your settings? Mine took a whole hour.

I'm not sure - but I probably printed at 0.20mm layers and 100-150mm/s on my MP Mini Delta. It's a very small whistle. Even putting it in Cura just now, it's predicting 15 minutes. Even printing at 0.10mm layers and 50mms/s, it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

How slow are you printing?!

I have an Ender 3 with some serious issues (a warped frame and squeaky belts to name a few) so I printed about 50mm/s. Do you have a Volcano? Else I was wondering how you print so fast without under-extrusion.

Those are some serious issues. :) I don't have a Volcano - I have a Monoprice Mini Delta. I'm just a huge fan of their printers.

I own six 3D printers, but this particular one is the cheapest, smallest, and fastest. On top of that, it has really excellent resolution and printing quality. My particular Mini Delta was one of the first off the assembly line and was running only at 1/8 stepping. I recently swapped in a new motherboard which does 1/16th stepping and it is now also printing nearly silently to boot. :)

I've got it pretty well tuned printing with Cura and have not had under extrusion problems.

Speaking of speed, Cura only retracts at about 30mm/sec no matter what I put in the speed box. Is their some sort of cap on speed elsewhere that I should look at?

Look at the Start G-Code in your machine profile in Cura. Those M2XX commands may set or reset maximum rates.

Great. Thanks. Nice experiment btw.

Very loud, I printed 2 and will be printed more certainly for my friends.
Very easy print.
Great job and thks for sharing.

You're welcome. Glad to hear that it's working for you.

This is loud,printed fine thanks.

I am going to print this and see how it works, i hope it works fine