Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

CR-10 E3D v6 Mount with ABL & 40mm Stock Fan Mounting Options

by brdrck May 27, 2018
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which parts do you need from the Petsfang

Awesome clean design,printed in two hours and fitted perfectly. The E3d V6 has put some new life into my CR10 with way better prints.
Thanks for sharing your awesome designe, Cheers Jace

Hello, nice work, this is what i have been looking for except it would help me to have the abl on the left side, is there any way you can create one that has the abl mount on the left side rather than the right ? thanks !

yea I dont see a point for this! people please buy a 5015 fan for 2 dollars on aliexpress and dont spend that money on upgrading to this.

I have to say dpetsel's v2 setup is superior solution for the e3d that I very recently installed.

I don't see a Point to people posting endless Cubes or their heat printing tests, though, we still get them,... I like mixing and matching my hotend sets, I'll download a few and mix and match. I've found this way, I'm able to find a nice balance in Mods and upgrades, as each person may design apart slightly different from the next person, Fine Tune your own Kit.

Thanks, I'll have some fun mixing a custom set.

hi whats your x+y offset?

There is already a v2 duct for the E3Dv6. All the files on that page are v2. The one you are trying to adapt is for the use of the 10x40 stock blower fan and the E3Dv6 hot end. Due to the size of the heat sink on the E3Dv6 and Volcano and residual hot air blowing across the heat sink and then over the print, the substandard airflow of the stock fan just couldn’t keep up for exhausting this residual air and supplying fresh. We decided not to offer a stock fan mod for the E3Dv6 hot end for that reason. With several people testing it we found it had extremely poor bridging and overhangs with the stock 10x40 fan compared to our 5015 versions. The Petsfang was professionally engineered originally around the 5015 fan and a specific volume plenum and ducting for optimal performance.

It is available in a full range for the 5015 centrifugal which we recommend. The stock fan mods offers adequate interlayer cooling and allow you to view the nozzle but was never expected to compete with the original design for bridging, overhang and exhaust variables that the Petsfang is known for.

Just thought I should let people know why we don’t offer it.

Appreciate the reply and clarification, this makes sense. Unfortunately I don’t have a 5015 blower just yet so needed a mount to work with the current fang utilizing all stock fans.