Improved Z Axis for Cyclone PCB Factory

by xxreef May 28, 2018
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Greetings from greece,

you've designed and amazing gantry my friend congatulations. My english are poor thought and i am a little comfused with the assemlby instructions, so please help me out, i would really appreciate it. First of all you are missing a piece here (carriage_dremel) which i found ftom your instructables page. Now my question is, the threaded rod has a bottom and a top bearing, how do you secure the threaded rod in place between them? You have a lock nut after the bottom bearing and before the top bearing and secure them in place so the threaded rod can spin freely without jig?! Could you please shade some photos is possible or with words, for example... on the threded rod from bottom to top there is, bearing, washer, locknut, gantry, locknut,washer bearing. Thanks in advance and again... great work!!!!

I update and fix on my site https://www.mischianti.org/2019/03/27/improved-z-axis-for-cyclone-pcb-factory/
Tell me if need some fix. I add a video of assembly process also.

it seems i am blind also dude!!! You have it exactly as i asked for.. excuse my speed and rush but really this design is too exciting !!! :D :D :D

Still you are missing the carriage_dremel part. Check it out

Hello! there is missing one part, which connects dremel mount with rods (dremel carriage), i found it on your Instructables page.
Is it possible to add some editable dremel mount? Your mount is way too big for my dremel. Or maybe is yours compatible with some original Dremel's? I don't know if I want to buy new or try with my actual ;)

Hi, sorry if I answer only now, I updated the files on my site, if you tell me the model of your dremel I try to develop support. Bye

Hi, thanks for share your designs!

I'm a real noob in 3d printing, and I'm trying to print this Z axis for my 75% builded Cyclone. But I'm having some trouble with the big parts: the dremel carriage, how is supposed to be printed? I've tryed to rotate with the flat base on the XY plane and using supports, but it's a mess. Could you give me some advice on printing the carriage and the dremel_carriage?

Thank you.

Mmmm... I think you need a 200x200 base, I print the part with my Anet A8 (220x220) without problem.

How large is your base?
In my personal site www.mischianti.org I'm start to doing upgrade and various fix, I'm going to create a little one Z.


Hi! the base is big enough, it's a prusa i3 (hephestos from bq). I've been wasting a lot of plastic and time with problems in print settings, and I worrie abot the bigger parts... I've tried by the way with the carriage for dremel: I printed it 90 degrees rotated with supports as I said before, but the supports were too messy, very difficult to remove...

The matter is, can I print the parts in the orientation by default of the stl? I suppose supports are necessary (on the dremel holder at least).

Thanks again for your time.

PS: Your site is awesome, lots of interesting and fun stuff!

I position the items in the better position to print, and the support is needed.
I use a pointed pliers to remove support.

Thank you very much, I'll keep on trying.

Hi XXReef, Thanks for the mod,
I search the gear cover in stl format.
Please, can you upload this.

Damn, It's true, I add It, thanks for the report.

Hey xxreef,

Did you needed to change anything in original source files for grbl for these changes?

No, but you must change setting of your grbl parser on your arduino.

Even if the step/mm is exactly 200, the othe gears is 159, but in the instructables I add a program to calculate the step/mm.


Very good design!
Can you share the source code, to have a chance to adjust tolerances? I had to do it for all pieces, and to regenerate all stl files, when I build my "original" one, using OpenSCAD.
Or maybe have you zeroed all tolerances?

Hi Electrocdb,
sorry I redo It with a Cad not OpenScad, I use open scad only for the gears.
If you need some personalization ask without problem, when I have some time I can put on It.