Creality Ender 3 board fan guard

by Admant77 May 29, 2018
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where did you get a capticorn sticker?

I ordered Capricorn PTFE tubing from E3D, and got a Capricorn sticker with it.

New to this, but printed OK .. bumped infill up to 40% for this one, and I seem to bet getting not as smooth results as 10% infill prints...
Thanks for the cool part!

I am confused, which model is better? I have 3 different files. Help please.

Pick one and print it. I prefer the one with the fins running the length of it.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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turned out great thank you for the file it was my first print and I couldn't be happier with the result

printed fine using 0.4mm and 20% infil, no support, using the version Ender_3_board_fan_guard.stl, took about 1h

Looks great and works great. Thanks

I can't get this to print at all.

2:45hr to print, Printed the support version. That is one bullet proof build, seems a little over kill for directing air tho with it being a exhaust good idea on the thickness

The version with fins took 3hours 36mins on 55mm/s speed and used just a little bit over the amount of PLA that is shipped with the Ender 3 itself (so be ready to swap out to finish the roof!). My first 3d print ever, thank you!

Hello, I want to know in what way I have to print this guard because you show two images and I do not know which is the correct one. I also want to know if you need a special printer or with the Ender 3 you can.

Imprimé debout sans support. aucun problème. pla noir, 30% de remplissage.

Superb! There's a number of design flaws with this otherwise wonderful printer. Now I have this, filament guides from the spool and against the z-axis screw. All I need now is firmware with thermal runaway protection!

I use the TH3D firmware. Works well. But yeah, it's a great printer.

Nice work thanks. Just got an Ender 3 and the first thing that happened was a piece of filament got into the fan. Was puzzling about how to put a fan guard on it when came across this!!!

You're welcome. It's such a design flaw, I'm surprised Creality let it come out of the factory like that, but I guess the beauty of having a 3D printer is that you can easily print fixes for things.

what infill are people using? thanks

Infill is pretty much not an issue, as it's all walls, bottom layers and top layers.

Interested in your comment about prints lifting on that area of the plate, I had the same and checked mine and the plate is not perfectly flat, it has a very slight dip right in that area above the fan. maybe worth checking. agree the surface is excellent for adhesion overall

My bed is perfectly flat. Maybe yours got damaged in shipping?

New to 3d printing in general and just got this printer. I like this design. Do I need to print in ABS? or is this ok in PLA?

Hi Admant77
I used your fan duct as my first print, came out fine.
Printed it on end and no problems. I tried the test dog but obviously had not levelled the bed correctly.
After levelling your fan duct came out spot on.
I'll post some photos once fitted.

Bed levelling is next to godliness. Most issues are 1st layer issues, and bed levelling fixes many of those :)

Printed it last night as I am 6 prints in and whiskers of filament had fallen near the vent. Printed flat with the supports and it's come out great. No more worries about crud in the fan.Thanks

You're welcome.

Printed it flat with supports, perfect print. Thinking about designing in supports that do not need to be removed, so no supports needed and printed flat. The opening doesn't have to be all open like that.

Just added one with fins running the length of it, so it can be printed flat without supports.

Nice, pretty much like I envisioned it :D
I'll make a test print of it.

Printed the fins version at 0.2mm, no supports and with skirt (CURA), was pretty much a perfect print.

Glad to hear it. Thanks for the feedback :)

Think I will remix and point the duct backwards -- maybe reduce noise?

I don't get much noise from the fan to be honest, plus I wanted to reduce air flow under the heated bed.

Thanks, will print and test.

Had same issue with lifting. Just assumed it was because of the location to window

Just printed it vertically. No supports needed.

Great tip. I can't believe I didn't think of that. Schoolboy error. I try to draw stuff that doesn't need supports, but I totally overlooked that. I'll reorient the file, thanks man :) Gave you a shout in the description

Haha...No need for that - I always orient the prints around to see how much supports I can get rid of.

I printed it. Great design! It work and I like it. Thanks again.

Great! I was waiting for this. Printing right now with no supports :D

You're welcome. Let me know how it comes out with no supports :)

It come out perfectly, the bridge lenght is not that high to require supports :)
I print into ABS which is even worst for bridges :D