The Ultimate P230

by iClint Jun 2, 2018
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Hi Clint,

I've been looking around for 3D printed quad-copter builds to create my first, and I haven't so far seen anything so well designed and documented. With that being said, you recommended 2300KV motors, and I am looking to get some more power out of my copter and am looking for at least 2600KV. Would you recommend these higher-power motors on this design? And yes, I have found other electronics to match the higher power consumption/output of 2600KV motors and a 4-cell LiPo. And if not, what other designs do you recommend I check out before deciding?

Thanks for your time!

you can never have enough power! LOL this design with the components I recommend already has a massive amount of thrust. If its your first quad and/or you are a novice polite I'd recommend using cheaper components they give fantastic performance and if you burn them out break or otherwise destroy them in a crash you haven't lost much. Also note that the lighter you make your quad the better it will stand up to crashes more weight more mass more inertia.

Hi Clint,

Thanks to your great manual I managed to print and build the Quad (without the FPV Components at the moment) and fly it a few metres. However some of my components like FC, GoPro and build height are different. Is there any chance to get the source files in order to change the drill holes etc.?

Thank you!

hello! Thank you for all of your hard work, this is awesome.

It seems like the motors you suggested are sold out - can you suggest another set or two that will work? I know there are tons of options, but I know that voltage, output, etc. change based on which motors are used.

Your instructions are very detailed, go on!
One additional question: Which Filament (type) did you use? Is PLA strong enought?


PLA is Plenty strong

How does PLA handle the heat from motors?
I am afraid to print, as I think the heat might loosen the motor mounts after some usage, due to softening/melting of PLA. Did you experience such a thing after some flights?
Thank you

I have not had a single problem with a motor arm melting, deforming or in anyway been effected from motor heat. I have even run motors during testing with no prop for air cooling and the motors have gotten to hot to touch and still not effected the PLA printed arms

better than the original? in what sense? more resistant or also better components? Is this project cheaper? Thank you!!

I have built and crashed many of the original design and analysed each one and where it broke modified and improved the design adding a few of my own mods such as the spherical skids on the arms. The arms can now be removed and replaced without disassembly of the quad, I achieved this by adding captive nut holders to the lower frame and having the screws put through from the underside. I’ve found the optimal print settings for strength vs weight and written a complete guide and assembly manual to go with it all. The end result is s quad that can take an absolute beating before anything breaks with the arms being the weakest points to absorb some of the crash energy. The broken arms can then be swapped out in minutes and have you back in the air. As for total cost that is up to the individual if you already have your own radio gear the total cost could be under $100aud using cheaper last gen components.

Thank you very much for your response, and thank you for telling me everything so correctly.
Now I understand the improvements.
I will stop my impression and start printing this model.
Your list of components of the main page, would you say that it is updated?
I'm going to start buying components, and if you think those are the most modern and economic, I'll buy them, thanks for the rules.
I do not have a radio, but since the cost is over $ 40.
It is a good idea that the arms are the first to break, the replacement is quick and economical. Good design. :)

FC - Taranis users with D16 module they can use FrSky XSRF4O or XSRF4PO as those FC´s carry XSR reciever already integrated. Price is around 49USD so you can save some money and weight.


Great drone, love the buildguide, very detalied, but i have some questions:

  • if i dont want to use FPV Goggles and only use a screen to mount on the Tanaris, what screen can i use ?
  • how is the video stream saved ? is is saved on a SDcard or can i use my mobilephone/tablet ?
  • If i use FPV Goggles are the videostream saved there or is it just for viewing ?

i want to use this drone for making movies and take pictures, or would you recommend another drone for this ?

Going to order parts next week :)

You can mount a goPro on the vibration dampened platform as pictured. I use a GoPro Hero session and get fantastic results and the video is stored on the GoPro's SD card.

As for viewing the stream from the Drone this is and analogue radio signal sent over the 5.8ghz frequency you can record this stream but the quality is akin to what old analogue tv was like if you are old enough to remember that. LOL.

The box goggles linked to in the guide can actually be converted into a 5 inch viewing screen that can be mounted on the taranis. machine have a couple of models one of which does have a DVR built in that will save to SD.

This is the feed from the drones FPV cam https://www.facebook.com/clint.kingston/videos/2542507059307634/

this is from the Go Pro mounted on the quad https://www.facebook.com/clint.kingston/videos/2549730341918639/

Now if you can stretch the budget and really want to shoot some footage from the air this is from my Phantom 4 Pro https://www.facebook.com/clint.kingston/videos/2549730341918639/

I have another drone build I will be publishing soon that would be far better suited to arial photography and filming its still in the test stages at this point but it has gimbal control and GPS for easier flying.

I love this project, the manual and everything is very helpful. Thank you so much iClint :-)

The other drone build you mention (that is better for arial photography and filming) is it the "5inch Shuriken"? Or do you have yet another build in the pipeline?

My 5" Shuriken is another race/aerobatics drone. The other drone I am developing for Ariel photography is on hold at the moment as other projects have taken priority but I plan to go back to working on it soon.