Robotech - VF1 and Battleoid

by alpokemon May 29, 2018
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Hey there, I'm still alive - happy to see my model here. I've switched all my work to Patreon but I will start sharing few designs here on Thingiverse too. Cheers, Juri

Hey Jiri, glad to know! When I finally got around to printing it, I couldn't assemble it and found a PDF of your instructions. I took a look at your Patreon page, lots of cool stuff there. For your Miltech Vindicator, will / can it ever shoot cut down Nerf darts?

would be nice if you could upload a " How the parts go together " PDF or so

There's a PDF in the download package.

how much tall is the model?

Very good model At this moment I am downloading it to print. I have a doubt, I have seen a similar model made by Jurica Pranjic. He shared it in MyMiniFactory, but then he deleted those models and started marketing them. Will there be chances that someone has your Valkyrie model?

First off, in my description, I'm just the remixer of this model. There were and still are a few parts that need a little adjustment and I simply haven't gotten the time to fix all of them yet. I downloaded this a few years ago from MyMini (unfortunately no one goes to that site) and found it on my HD and decided to remix it. I tried Googling Jurica Pranjic and he might be the same guy who made this (his documentation is included in the downloaded PDF) - in all likelihood it is probably the same guy. The doc only mentions Juri. Having been to Central Europe, lots of Juris though.

Pretty nice VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross. I will definitely print one to assemble in fighter mode to display along with my other models. If printed as is, what scale does it work out to?

Not completely sure. The nose section is about 100mm long and I've yet to complete my print of this model. From there you'll need to re-scale everything. Some parts may not scale well especially the wing box where there are these pins for anti-over rotation - they may print but break easily.

Hm, there seem to be parts missing. I can't seem to find the "head" of the vehicle. It's usually positioned slightly underneath and behind the cockpit. Or do I need to get new glasses?
I spotted that the head is missing mainly because I've modelled the VF-1J as a transformable model and struggled with some of the pieces.

If you are just looking at the "complete" model, I didn't add the head nor the arms to the overall VF-1. That's just for visual reference. All the files are there and the head is called head-head-1.stl. You will need to rotate some parts to see it.

Check the PDF that is included in the download. If you try to print the parts without reference to the PDF, you will get lost and waste a lot of time trying to figure it out.

I plan on updating the instructions with the stl part number at some point to turn it into "good" instructions.

Check six. ;)

Ah right!
I was checking it on the phone and didn't understand that every piece of the model is in a thousand pieces.
When I first looked at head-head-1.stl I might have clicked the wrong thingiview and it looked like a piece of the hand and there was so many pieces to look through, sorry! :)

I'm not a big fan of putting together models from a lot of small pieces (yet), but I'm looking forward to the planned update for the instructions. ;)

I might upload my model for the ones who want smaller project to work with, if I can find it again that is. But it's mondo cool that you've uploaded such a detailed model. I'll be sure to keep my eye on it.

Incredible work ...... thanks for making this.

I merely fixed some parts. The original artist is a person name Jiri but unknown where he is - his site is gone too.

In that case, thanks for bringing it back.
It's awesome.