RepRapable Recyclebot

by jpearce May 30, 2018
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If anyone else is making one of these, does the cooling trough just sit on the holders? There are holes in the top parts of them that the trough sits in, are we supposed to attach them?

You are going to want to take it off - you can just let it sit - also note you might want to try one of these fan setups instead:

Wonderful, I think I am going to give the stationary design a try for simplistic operation. Are there any more upgrades floating around before I finish this project? This was actually the first module that I finished as I plan on building this over the next 2 months or so. Thanks for the help!

Full details on the project are always here -- https://www.appropedia.org/Recyclebot
Lots of off shoots spread out all over -- I try to keep track....TRY being the operative word. An MTU team is working on the software and hoping to get it be operable by phone ...soon.

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Judging by the spool you have in the picture it seems to be working very well. Definitely one of the better ones I've seen.

Thanks for posting. New to 3D printing and was wondering about something like this given all the scrap. Looks like a lot of work to build so a fair commitment to make this. Realize you can buy pellets but any thoughts on how to best grind scrap for reuse?

We started out using a cross cut office shredder (the kind for CDs) that worked out ok but got pretty dull after a year of heavy use. We also tried various blenders etc without much luck. The two things we use most often now are a small AC-powered wood chipper and a quasi-industrial scale grinder. The latter we are putting the final touches on and will release open source soon. The idea would be that not everyone needs one - but it would operate like a shared resource for a fablab, library, makerspace, etc. I will post on the recyclebot page here as well as Appropedia.

Why use a $31.99 + Shipping PID controller if you can program it trough the interface on the ramps with 3$ SSR or is that planed for version 5.1? Since I'm already working on building my own I would like to build this project when the project is final. Filament Thickness senso is a big oportunity of cost reduction, a 3$ Chinese Caliper with interface port are one option

Looking at the picture: How come that you get a red filament when fedding the machine with white platics?

indeed. i used to work with a larger, similar machine for plastic hoses, the plastic pellets always came in neutral color. after which the color is bought seperately, just a few pellets go a long way because the color is mixed throughout the plastic during the melting process, usually by the same screw pushing the filament forward.

Note the few red pellets of colorants in the hopper...that particular image is showing how you can color your filament....lots more details in the paper.