HyperCube Evolution Parts in Fusion 360

by akira3dp0 May 30, 2018
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Thank you so much for this this helped me a ton :) did you design all of them from scratch? sounds like so much work!

I am happy to be helpful to you. These original design are from "HyperCube Evolution by SCOTT_3D". I only remade these on Autodesk Fusion 360. Thanks.

HyperCube Evolution

You did not upload all the various sized bed brackets. Can you upload them, especially the 45mm one

Now you can download "Bet Bracket F01.f3d". See summary.

Thanks. Having the parameter to change the size makes it even more useful than the original ones. Appreciate you doing it so fast.

I will make these. Wait a minute.

Bless you, thank you. You are awesome. I just ordered my 500mm x 500mm heater, so I can size up my build plate, to I can get started on this massive project. Thank you so much for posting these I know they will be amazingly useful in my build

Thanks. I added some non-printed parts today. I would be glad if it could help your project.

Thanks Bud !! Really appreciate the share.

you should make a complete hypercube evo in fusion360 but with parameters so we dont have to use that stupid excel sheet

Of course I made my complete hypercube evolution in fusion 360.

have you made it parametric too so you dont have to use the excel sheet?

and have you shared it somewhere?

Great Work!

Thanks for this. I noticed that the cariage is for 8mm rods. Do you have the 10mm version also available?


I tried that, but I don't know how to change a X_Carriage for 10mm rods. Because LM10UU bearings and holes for Belt_Clamp interfere with each other.

There are several remixes for 10mm on x cariage. But the y is missing, AT least for me. The original hypercube has ohne btw, but Not am step.

What you do is just changing the diameter of the circle in Sketch1 of Y_Carriage_1.0_F01.
If you can't, tell me.

I dont know where you got your stepfies. Had just that the idea, that from this source also a 10mm xy carriage is available. I will print a different one from original HEVO the. Would be nice to have the right diameters in fusion model.

Awsome work :)
Would it be possible to upload them as .STEP or .ipt files?

.ipt files are in a "HyperCube_Evolution_v1.0.rar" of HyperCube Evolution by SCOTT_3D .

HyperCube Evolution

You’re welcome.

Thanks Akira,
That's incredibly useful. I've made extensive use of the original CAD files in building my Hypercube but it is really good to be able to edit the components using parameters. The originals were made in Autodesk Inventor which as a hobbyist isn't available to me at a realistic price.

I'd echo the previous comment about loading all the components into one Fusion file for ease of downloading.

Thanks Again!

You’re welcome.
Include all parts in one file? Not linked each component?

Could you please upload this as a single assembled component? Thanks!

There are many shortage parts to assemble.