3D Printer Monitor for Octoprint ESP8266 NodeMCU

by wabbitguy May 30, 2018
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Great Little Project! I just finished the Internal part and the outer case is printing right now. Im really happy to find ths Remix as I dont have any D1 Mini's.

Thanks for the compliment! I don't use a lot of D1 Mini's myself so that's why I ended had to make one to fit my 8266's...


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Had to change INVERT_DISPLAY to true (line 84 in the original settings.h... may have been due to something I changed in a library elsewhere though) but otherwise no issues using a "red tab" screen and a slightly different NodeMCU board that still fit fine:

Where are the instructions for wiring it up and programming it?

They would be where the original STL files are since mine are a remix of the original:


You'll find all the links and info there, as well as the original design for the Wemos D1 if that's the flavour of 8266 you'll be using.

3D Printer Monitor for OctoPrint Wemos D1 ESP8266
by Qrome

Oh okay. I didn't realize yours was a remix. I did assemble the original but then I tried yours with the different board but it didn't work. I thought the code was different. Maybe it's my hardware.

I'm using the AMICA NodeMCU 8266's (ESP 12E chips), have two of them running on two printers. I modified David's sketch to reverse the hot end and print bed temp to match my printers LCD and I changed the SDA/SCL pins from his WEMOS ones to:

const int I2C_DISPLAY_ADDRESS = 0x3c; // I2C Address of your Display (usually 0x3c or 0x3d)
const int SDA_PIN = D4;
const int SCL_PIN = D3;

My 1106 or the 1306 have 5V regs on them so I use the NodeMCU's Vin and GND for power to the OLED display. Vin is 5+ from the USB jack.

Beyond those. the rest of the code is the same.

My OLED has a Blue Tab and it fits the insert designed for the Red Tab.

Good know, I've never seen one with a blue tab. Thanks for the info!

Kind of makes me wonder if the tab colours are just whatever came off the assembly line that day...:-)

love it but sadly New nodemcu V3 is lil 2 big for this

The V3 isn't exactly new, it's just a rehash by LoLin of a V2 with supposed better USB reliability (they use a CH340 with a crystal instead of the smaller CP2102), a couple of reserved pins used for USB power, one for ground and an increased size for these changes. No idea what they were thinking except the CH340 is huge compared to the 2102.

Amica NodeMCU V2 are the only ones I have and use. It uses the CP2102, 8266 12E and have a far smaller footprint.

exactly what a stupid move ! done some fast and dirty remix job , well fingers crossed :)

If you have the dimensions or a link to them I can see what I can do as well. Maybe between the two of us we can make it work/fit...:-)

Just need the outside board dimension, the mounting hole size and the distance from outside hole to outside hole (don't need centre to centre hole).

From what I can find the PCB is 57mm x 30mm (or 30.4mm). Seems to be some variance in the width. I haven't found mounting hole dimensions anywhere yet.

Ah ha. Found some dimensions, I'll modify the mount for V3 and we'll see how it works.

LoLin V3
57.5mm X 31mm
with usb and antenna 59.5 x 31 mm
13mm with legs heith
3mm holes
holes center points - 51.5 mm X 25 mm

Thanks! Room inside for "expansion" too...LOL