Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by Glenn37216 Jun 15, 2018
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Hello Glenn how are you. I hope well. I haven't heard from you and was wondering if you made any progress on wall mount or stand. I remember you said you were waiting on something for your printer

Hey buddy I can't wait until I get that they look awesome...

Also was wondering do you think it be possible to create a coil that would work with the equinox 600. I mean as long as you have a coil connector it should work right as long as you configure everything right. I was just wondering if those coils you see that kinda look like a eight would be better. Detech really has some awesome coils. The pinpointing on them is the most accurate. The go deep to. I seen where having a 3 D printer the can make the coils with ease.... Copper wiring, some screws, pice of plywood, the configurations and you can make a great coil

Hey thanks for the kind comments it's greatly appreciated. As soon as my printer is back up and running I'll see if I can create those prints for you. As for making a coil for the equinox I really don't think that's possible. Minelab's is using a type of smart coil technology that I think is patented and can't be duplicated. I could be wrong but from what I'm told by other owners supposedly this is the reason why there are no 3rd party coils for the Equinox series detectors . You can read more about their technology through this link here. https://md-hunter.com/minelab-equinox-coil-x-ray-is-it-really-the-half-of-machine/

Hey buddy it's Nate Williams. Awesome man. I really appreciate it and I sure will give you my honest opinion on your products. Is there any way you can maybe create like a two or three piece wall hanger for a Equinox? Says Nates Digging world or something. Maybe with a Minelab logo on one and EQX on another with world spelled out and picture of a global. Be awesome... I truly love your work.... Beautiful... Neat to... I may get ya to make a Go Find 35 pinpointer tip protector.... Any who I love your work... I'm subscribed to your channel and I will give you a great review and a shout out. I hope I get my GoPro 7 soon so I can shoot videos.... Oh yeah P.O. Box 113 Avon, NC 27915 please also send me a email to let me know you sent. Thanks man. God bless

Hi there - Thanks for the design and the stand works great. Had some buddies that wanted one after seeing mine. Can you make a stand that has the logo and says "Gold Monster" on it? This would be for the users of the Gold Monster 1000 machines.

Alternately if you have the design file to share for Fusion360 or if you are on TinkerCAD I could do the work as well.