Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Fallout76 Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI (WIP)

by Victhor May 31, 2018
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Love your work. I have "remixed" the "valve grill" and have attached a .f3d file if you care to use it.
Re-visited my grill, made it look a little more like the Pip-Boy DIY Kit.

hey mate - that is an awesome model. I have been modifying it to fit an iPhone. Do you have an instagram name so I can credit you on posts of my build?

i do! its called https://www.instagram.com/victhorpalsson/
you don't have to credit me tho!

Hey man, do you mind sharing the decal files or where you got them?
Thanks, Ryan.

Hey, I cut them out from screenshots from the trailers. Edit: I have uploaded them!

thanks! will post a remix when I'm done, that file btw, is absolutely amazing.
edit: wait is it there? i dont seem to see it

Hey hey! I wonder if you'd care to export and share the whole thing from Fusion360. I mean as is, not separated into smaller printable parts. This thing for example works perfectly and prints in two parts: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:992496

Fallout 4 Style Pipboy 3.5
by Jimjim

Hey, sorry for the late reply! I have combined the models into a single mesh and uploaded it here, the parts are called "PipboyWholeA" and B

I haven't cut it up to be printable tho, im not happy with the accuracy of the pipboy so i haven't had the motivation to make it printable :P

Edit: i see that there is a wierd square-plane sticking through my exports, i currently dont have a 3d program to fix it, i hope its ok

Many thanks, I really appreciate this! :)

Sorry, I havent been able to work on this for weeks!

I honestly wish I had the time to learn how to model like this.. amazing job there, man!

I have been watching for the last few weeks... but there was enough there to get me started on making my own - thanks!

This looks amazing man, good luck.

SO maybe I'm in the minority, but I and my friends wear these things to cons, and I wonder, since the whole thing seems to exist, is it possible to get one that is essentially non-movable and with way less parts? I'm thinking 3, the clamshells, and the screen bezel so we could put whatever in behind. Just a thought, I understand these things are works of love and I'm not expecting anything.

i think ill try my hand at remixing the existing files into something printable, in no way doing justice to the file, but servicable. hope thats alright Vichtor.

AWESOME dude! I was about to draw up a laser etched Pip-Boy plaque, what're the dimensions of the plaque on the top? I'll draw that up and post it on here for you and others to use.

i love the design but can you make a how to video on how to put it together? (or instructions)

He hasn't finished working on it yet...I'm sure once he is finished there will be a tutorial of some sorts.

Like it!

I really hope you keep up to the project despite the obligatory collector item to buy.

I just gave the ref to look at, want to print this bad boy and mod it to raspberry pi or mobile phone for more realistic feel

same here... was thinking raspberry pi zero with a touchscreen though (or even working buttons)

there is a nice shot of the bottom though

unfortunately it doesn't really reveal anything we did not already see. What we need is a shot of the keyboard, if that's what it is. Or a shot of a tape going in. We may have to wait until game footage starts getting leaked.

Looking through my shop yesterday I found a few sheets of the metal used to vent the tubes. I can't wait to see more videos with the pipboy in action, like, where is the tape drive? I want to see that keyboard :D

just waiting till Sunday :D

I began working on this as well, however, I do not have the time I once did to do "fun" stuff, LOL...looks great so far, can't wait for the printable version. I plan on taking your design and fitting a Raspberry Pi in it for functionality. Are you planning on making this articulate? It appears from the video to have hinge-points. I believe there is plenty of room for a pi and monitor as well as a nice battery pack. I will also have working nixie tubes in it as well :D Thanks for doing this!! When the printable version is done I will most definitely be tipping you!!!!

yea I gave up as well, in addition to the hinge points you mention, I think there is another feature we could add. the screen looks just like a terminal from the games. and so I wonder if the thing below the screen is a fold out keyboard just like the wall terminals.

I bet you're correct! I could pair a Bluetooth keybord with my pi for that lol

exactly what I was thinking. then, get your PI to run fallout 1 on it

I cant wait to print this!

I just started working on a design for this as well :D

Whoa man, nice begining with that pip boy! How much time do you think you will need to complete building of that thing?