Fabric of Thyme 20x20cm

by Trombo Jun 2, 2018
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Should I print with, or without support?

Definitely without support, it would be very difficult to clean that up.

Why does reading the name of this make me feel physically ill?

Ok, this is your chance to change it. Give me a better name for this thing and I'll happily implement it ;)

What kind of filament would you recommend? I am mainly familiar with PLA...I am new. Like a newborn baby type new lol.

Fabric of Thyme 2.0 chainmail
by Trombo

PLA is at the moment for most use-cases the best filament there is. I am actually using nothing but PLA at the moment. It's easy to print, reasonably strong and almost enviromently friendly ;)

Is there a method for attaching to swatches together to make a larger one? Connecting links or the like? Nice design.

Here you go: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2990070
I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out.

Fabric of Thyme 2.0 chainmail
by Trombo

Good news!
Dropping later this week: Fabric of Thyme 2.0.
Including light changes in the basic design, maybe customizability (still looking into that) and most important of all: Little links to connect the patches. Excited to see what you guys are doing with this.
Here, have a sneak peak:

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It seems your slicer resigned.

Cura estimates a duration of 1 h for the training patch and 13:30 h for the full model for the highest speed I can reasonably handle. The training patch is still printing, but looks fine so far.

Fabric of Thyme 2.0 chainmail
by Trombo

Took 25 hours to load before printing- it just started. Here's hoping it'll work so I don't have to wait again lol.

Did it work? 25 hours loading time sounds a bit much... If you want Version 2.0 a try, here's the link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2990070

Fabric of Thyme 2.0 chainmail
by Trombo

Thank you for the licencing of this design. It has so many possibilities and applications. Cos play all the way over to masks and patches.

Thank you.

You're very welcome. With version 2.0 I think there are even more cosplay-possibilities:

Fabric of Thyme 2.0 chainmail
by Trombo

This doesn't fit on my bed & I'm worried about shrinking it. Any chance you could upload a smaller swatch or two?

This would also be good for testing/tuning if your printer is up to accomplishing this.

Here you go, I added a "Trainingspatch" to test out your settings and try out different sizes.
Will add a picture once it's printed.
Thanks for the suggestion!

Amazing thanks! I ended up fitting it by shrinking only a tiny bit, and it looks like its printing ok. This will definitely help others though

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Sure, 50% seems to be perfectly doable, from what I heard... ;)

I printed at 50% on a Prusa i3 MK3. I lowered the temp a bit to reduce stringing. After it came out, it was very tight, like one flat piece of plastic. It took about 5 minutes of slowly bending them free, but it's fabricky now.

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