Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

3D Scanner - Poor Man's photogrammetry rig

by OpenScan Jun 3, 2018
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Nice work! What do you think is the approximate max size of the scanned object?

I have my "first draft" of this build. I'm using your STLs as-is but I've added some optical end stop switches. Also, I'm using a Raspberry Pi so I've written the code to "home" and "scan". I'm utilizing GPhoto2/Libgphoto2 2.5.20 and a Nikon Coolpix S3300 camera. I can process a picture every 15 seconds or so.

What I'm finding is that the single plan circle is very unstable. I'm not using a counter-balance for my camera (it's a much smaller camera). I was hoping your might share the original CAD drawing files as I have some ideas for increase the stability.

Once this project is done my hope is to turn it over to my daughter's design studio (she's in university) for wider usage, so I want to build as stable a system (both hardware & software) as I can.

Thank you for getting me started!

I have some questions as I'm working on my build:

1) What camera did you use? Did you use gphoto2 to control it?
2) Did you put "end stop" switches so the controller can "know" the limits?
3) Do you have an STL file for the model platform?

Thank you for these project files!

I assume part #7 is printed twice and it needs to be manually "mirrored", correct?

the two "rail adapters" are not properly scaled. It doesn't appear to be a mm vs. inches issue. Does anyone have the proper scaling factor or adjusted STL files?

I am sorry, i missed a factor of exactly 10

This is something I was really looking around for. All the other 3D scanners only cover a horizontal 360 degree rotation, but none of them go around the vertical axis as well, to make a much better 3D scan.
I'd also love to get more detailed description on how to make it, and any possible improvements to the design, as some other person was suggesting in comments.

Amazing. Can you please provide a detailed description about how it was done and other details? Thank you for this amazing project!

Unfortunately I only documented the whole Thing in German. But I am working on the English translation and I will let you know.

Hello do you have it uppload anywhere, does not matter is german, thank you

This is great! I would love a more detailed description of hardware/software needed to make this baby rawr.

It's ingenious. I'd like to improve the design to give it a bit more stability when it moves as there's a bit of swaying. One would have to wait for the swaying to settle before taking the next shot. That issue slows down the capture process a bit.

What I was planning on doing on mine is to have two 90' angled aluminum extrusions come up and hug the rail on the left side. I haven't done it yet but from just mocking it up it helped with the wobble a lot. I used PETG and it doesn't help as its a more flexible plastic.

Might be able to do this with a lighter camera. Maybe throw some laser scanning in there to add to the picture info.

I'm currently printing this design and I might add a few things to the design once it's finished but I have a question. What type of glue did you use for the rails?

Nice design. But I read several times that the object should not move relative to the background... Would not it be better to turn the camera around the yaw axis, instead of turning the object?

Please check your Facebook, eMail, Message on TV: What about the item i sent you for scan and lost (?) in post?

I love this! I think I understand how all this works by looking at your picture. The update with a detailed build-description will help to understand it better. Will keep my eye out for that. Very Nice Work!