RC Truck (Chassis) Ver. 0.1

by MrPaulM Jun 4, 2018
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My Kamaz Zetros is almost done but can anyone tell me where I can find the file for the rear cab support?

Transfer Case and drive shafts for RC Truck
by MrPaulM

Thank you so much for this very quick reply!
Is there an upgrade file somewhere with mirrors, Airco and interior for this super truck?

Not yet( I have no time to do this:(

Ok, thank you sofar for designing this great truck!

Can you please tell me what the wheelbase is? I'd like to print the body for a chassis I own.

Wheelbase 350 mm

Can you post links to the banggood.com wheels you use?

Всем привет ! есть ли какая то альтернатива передней и задней оси, хотелось бы напечатать а не покупать . Спасибо

Привет, да я смотрел на них не был уверен что подойдут. Спасибо

Я напечатал передний мост и не подошел. потом купил.

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Great model!

I am looking to make this, could you please tell which parts i need to make it (drive shafts, servos, motor, etc.)? I also miss the body model from the file :(((((( need it as it is! please add it.

Hello! Thank you! You need Axial SCX10 axle (front and rear). About motor and servos Ill find information later. Drive shafts is 3d printed too, Ill upload these later.

The rear body parts: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3138349
The front body parts: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/mrpaulm

RC Truck (Back side) Ver. 0.1
by MrPaulM
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i have bought it at that site for a verry resonable price!
Thanks a lot.


I’m working about it:)

Thanks i have bought it at that site for a verry resonable price!
It looks great!!!!! Thanks a lot.
It will be a nice project for winter...

А будет ли задняя часть машины т.е кузов?

Да, сейчас работаю над этим. Скоро надеюсь выложить модели.

круто) ждем.

The Cab is on Cult3D for anyone looking for it!!

Any news on the bodywork yet?... awesome project!!!

What length of M2 and M2.5 screws are needed?

I`ve updated the information.

Screws M2x(20mm, 14mm, 6mm). M2.5x(8mm) for axle. M3x(8mm) for mounting electric motor.

Does the head of the bolt matter? Hex head, button head or something else?


Great work by the way.

Great Job.
one question: If I look right, these are the Axial axle you use?
so, I think you use a 1/10 crawler for the base and the design?
So the Kamaz Karo would be aprox 1/14 i think?
Is that right?
because I work on my zetros project in 1/10, and I like to know if I need to extend your files in size for my 1/10 Zetros project?

Amigo: Em primeiro lugar parabéns pelo seu projeto muito bem planejado, pergunto vc tem os arquivos da carroceira?

Great Job @MrPaulM... I guess we´re all waiting for the body desing... like anxious wolves for baiting a lamb.. maybe you can share with us the CAD desing while waiting for the stl files.

oh man cant wait to print this please let us know if the body is released :)

Still holding breath in anticipation of this body

Congratulations to the great work! I'm looking forward to the Cabine / Body, I hope you will release it soon. My plan is to print a print 100% 4x4 or 6x6 Truck, including axes.For the tires, I would not be sure if I print them too. Did you think of a Zetros design?
This is really a chic and extraordinary model!

Great Job....thanks for sharing!!! Regards from Argentina!!

How you doing on the body, Also can you say what transfer case and transmission are you using ??? I can not waite for that body.....

Is it possible you post all the hardware needed for this project? And the electronics you used? Thanks

Yes, but little bit later)

I love the CAB........Will you allow us to have the file ??

Yes, i will upload the all parts of this project.

THANK YOU.......I got into Tamiya trucks for a Dakar, but one has never excited me, this one has peaked my interest... well-done hope to see more for you along this line...

Which material do you advise to use? PLA, PETG ore ABS ??

Verry Nice!
I have maked a Dakar truck from aluminium, it is the Dutch DAF Turbo Twin from 1987.
But now i have a 3D printer and i like to try to make this one.
I think a have to make some modifications because i want to make a Tamiya 3 speed gearbox in it.
When do you put the cabin on line for download?

Great job!!! Hope can print smaller in 1/18 scale...