Solder stand with Tip Holder

by ICTAvatar Jun 5, 2018
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It is about desoldering wire holder
image setting soon
as some of the minor changes to tolerance on demand

Hello, what is the last part on the photos, file name "SIDE_HOLDER.stl".
And waiting for the file for drills.
Thank you for your design.

Is it my printer, or are some of the joints missing proper mating tolerances? I'm printing them on the Ultimaker 3.

The "dovetails" just don't fit out of the printer, I had to file them and actually hammer them into place. Now they obviously won't come out :)

The solder rod parts go together fine, but then they wont slide into the channel on the sides, it's just too tight.

Surprisingly the solder tip holder slid in just fine into the sides.

I can't just scale the sides, because:

  • Sides are too big on the dovetails (or maybe it's the other part's fault)
  • Sides are just fine for the solder tip holder
  • Sides are too tight for the solder spool rod

I didn't print everything else yet, but so far it's been a whole lot of trouble to assemble, and still not done yet. Am I missing something?

Even with these problems, I find the design is brilliant! Thanks!

It is necessary to use the mirror function in the slicing software to get other side of base.

Thanks, never thought about that. Got it working!

Is there a file missing from this? One of the sides needs to be turned around to fit the inserts.

The Vacuum Desoldering Pump files will be released for a few days
under remixes
I am currently working on inserts modification and verification
All concept

Nice job.
Do you have the file for the back side of the stand ? for the Solder sucker?

I am certainly looking forward to the hot air tip holder add on, it should be handy

Tools modular desktop stand (Tweezer;Plier;Screwdriver) V 2.0