by muzz64 Jun 9, 2018
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About to kick off the print, love your other designs! I'll update this once it's done but I have a couple questions. Why are there 3 versions of each curved and straight? I can't tell any difference between the 3. Next, why the design choice of having the head and large body segment hollow? In my opinion it seems like it would print easier and better if those were solid. Now instead the underside of the head and large body segment will have that less clean look since it's bridging, instead of printing directly on the build plate. The only thing I can figure out is that your current design would make it easier to release from a raft. I have printed your other designs like the Fish Shelton & Snake directly on the plate without issue and I plan to do the same with the gecko.Thank you!

Thanks for your comment... there are now only two files displayed and there only ever should have been two as explained in the 'Thing Details' above (to accommodate different machines / build plate sizes). I can only assume that at some stage when the Thingiverse site has been updated (as they do from time to time) previously deleted files have been reinstated. There should only ever have been the two versions which are straight and curved.

The reason for the hollowed out head and body parts is so members wanting stronger / more durable prints (necessary for the toes in particular if it will be played with as a toy instead of just being a model to look at) can apply a much higher infill percentage without wasting a lot of filament in the head and body sections. This makes the toes much stronger without adding a lot of extra filament in the larger sections. I often get asked by people to make stronger versions and this is one way to deal with that but also minimise filament wastage not to mention the increased print time.

Hopefully that explains the reasoning behind incorporating these recesses into the design.

All the best

Thanks for the info, and cleaning up your files :) Print turned out great, printed @ .2mm, 15% infill, 3 walls, 4 solid top/bottom layers, no raft or brim, scaled to 140%

Great print. Any chance you could make the links a bit stronger? My kid loved his lizard for about a day until it broke in three different places. This could be a great print for kids if it were a little stronger. Regardless, thanks for posting it!

Thanks for your message and pleased you like the design... but sorry to hear they have been breaking for you. The bottom line is PLA is brittle and is subject to breaking regardless of how strong you try and design it at this scale (because I always design to try and make things as strong as possible). Having said that, I assume you are using high infill? Increasing the number of shells and infill percentage can help but you could also scale the model up a bit. That will increase wall thicknesses as well.

The one other thing that comes to mind is the filament you are using. The fact is not all filament is great and some result in weak prints that look okay but are not well formed layers. This can be due to the thickness of the filament being well less than the 1.75mm expected. I've found a lot that measure up in the low 1.6mm range or less... just worth considering.

Anyway, I hope these suggestions help because there is no easy way to increase the linkage strength other than trying these few things.

All the best

I printed the curved one at 100% and the results were very good, except for a little bit of stringing that I burned with a small torch. Thanks for posting it.

Anybody tried to attache magnets at the bottom? If so, what magnet size? How did you attache it?

Pleased to hear your print result was good... the simole and versatile way to mount Geckoz ia with blue-tac... which allows them to be attached to non-metal surfaces as well. I hope this helps.

Hi there,

I have printed 3 of these, including scaling up to 140%... The joints are not the best. There are always 3 or 4 that just don't print right.

No biggy, just reporting my findings.

Sorry to hear you're having issues with this. I've printed over 20 myself with no issues ass have lots more members. Most seem to be fine... I assume you have tried it at 100% scale... scaling up can cause issues as will scaling down too much. The slicer can also cause this sort of thing... maybe try one at 100% scale and with the settings as recommended. All the best!

Awesome design. I will test the straight model.

On the straight model, the head is not connected :-(

I checked the file and there was a small issue in this area... Apologies. I thought I had checked every section before uploading it. An updated file is available now. Hopefully all good now.

I confirm the exact same behaviour too with Simplify3D.

I checked the file and there was a small issue in this area... Apologies. I thought I had checked every section before uploading it. An updated file is available now. Hopefully all good now.

Hey Muzz, just DL new file, still same issue, the link from front legs to neck, no link holding 2 together. Cheers for your work, It seems find in curved, so i will just use that and see how it goes.

That is strange... I've printed half a dozen with the original file and had no issues... but checked and fixed a minor issue that may have shown up in some slicers. I've just saved everything again and uploaded it with an underscore in the file name. I've checked the meshes and this is all okay... but curious to hear if there are still issues for some reason with some slicers.

Just looking at new file in S3d, it looks fixed now, thanks heps for ya time buddy.

Very pleased to hear that... I now suspect the server doesn't update the file unless it has a different file name. It was fixed so has to be something like that?

Hey @muzz64,

If this can help, I have noticed that the 3D Builder app from Windows 10 tells immediately if something is wrong in a model (surrounding it with a red square and proposing to repair it) and it matches with S3D (and probably other slicers) struggling to slice some parts, like it happened here with your new model.

Of course I'm sure you use better software than this ahah but maybe it can help you finding out if some slicers will complain about a model, especially without having to pay 150 bucks for a S3D license. :D

Once again, thank you for the hard work. Your designs are awesome!

Sorry to hear you are having issues. There was one issue some people using Slic3r were having so I updated the file. Some slicers seem to pick up issues that others don't. However, please check you have downloaded the latest (updated) file. You can tell because the file name has a 'z' in geckoz then and underscore before straight or curved versions. If you have been trying with the straight file I suggest using the curved version as nobody has had any issues so far with that... I hope this helps.

I can confirm this. On S3D the slicer does not print the link to the last part before the head. There seems to be some structural oddity there.
Otherwise it comes out great, even scaled down at 75%.
I test-sliced the curved STL and it does not seem to be affected by the problem.

I checked the file and there was a small issue in this area... Apologies. I thought I had checked every section before uploading it. An updated file is available now. Hopefully all good now.

I'm printing one right now!