Oculus Touch - Beat Saber - Single & Dual Saber

by friedPotat0 Jun 5, 2018
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A note to anyone trying out the 1.5" PVC pipe version: The sizing system in the US is a little weird so that the ID of a 1.5" nominal PVC pipe is actually ≈1.6". I had to made another hoop to fill in the space. the OD of the adapter is about 1.47" so there's about a 0.13" gap between the adapter and the pipe.

you can find the exact dimensions of 1.5" pipe here: https://www.mcmaster.com/49035k47

There is actually more than one schedule that defines PVC pipe sizes:

The Schedule 80 pipes have an inner diameter of exactly 1.5". If you want I can create another version of the model to fit the Schedule 40 pipe sizes. My current 1.5" model is based on the sizes from the description of this remix by TLCcmclibrary: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:526315

Oculus Touch - Beat Saber - Single & Dual Saber

Ah you're right.. I didn't know about that. I just picked up what I needed from Home Depot. Nah I can CAD up a replacement if needed, but thank you for offering!

I wish I'd known this before assuming . I found the schedule 80 pipe on McMaster: https://www.mcmaster.com/48855k25

The current version is for the 1x ~25 cm HT pipe (40 mm x 1.8 mm) pipe, correct? You mentioned an updated but untested version for a 1.5 inch PVC pipe, so which one is this?

The version I made myself and tested successfully is the 40 mm x 1.8 mm version named 'OculusHolder_Right/Left_40mm_Pipe.stl'. The second version I designed is for a 1.5 inch pipe and is currently not tested. At least I haven't received any positive or negative feedback about it so far. The files of the 1.5 inch PVC version are also located in the 'Thing Files' section (named 'OculusHolder_Right/Left_1.5inch_Pipe.stl'). It is not an updated version of the first file but a variation of it to fit the correct PVC pipe size.

Please let me know if the second version works if you're going to print this one so I can update the description.


great design! Could you upload a STEP file of the Models? I'd like to model a magnetic locking beatsaber and I like the idea of clamping the grips with a screw.

Would you have any suggestions as to how I could modify this to work with the ACER WMR controllers instead? Haven't put together the money to get a Vive.

The thing I made is for the Oculus Rift not for the Vive ;-).

I haven't found any original 3D CAD files for the Acer WMR controllers. But I don't think that making a similar model for the WMR should be a problem. The WMR's controller handle is basically rectangular so you could use my model as a general idea and design your own clamp.