Cobra Carriage - E3D V6 Carriage - Anet A8 / Ender 3 / CR-10 / Mini V Slot

by FerociousDesigns Jun 8, 2018
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Exactly what I'm searching, actually priting fan shroud mirrored on itself for dual fan cooling

guess not much going on here, that is unfortunate

Even tho it looks like Gav is not looking at his page anymore, I’m still gonna ask, maybe someone can answer me.
For those who have printed and are using this carriage, what did you regarding the x axis end stop switch?
With this carriage, the original location of the end stop does not line up, meaning the carriage does touch the stop

I am still quite new to the 3D printing world. i have had my A8 for just over 6 weeks.
I am about to print this upgrade as soon as my hotend arrives.
I want to know if you made any tweeks to your offsets you posted initially?

Also, if anyone else can recommend offsets that they found that work, please let me know.


I'm about to print this and install as soon as my hotend arrives.
You gave these offsets and said that they are rough settings:








define X_MIN_POS -28

define Y_MIN_POS -10

As I'm a noob whebn it comes the the bed level stuff, I was wondering if you tweeked your offsets compared to your original ones.
For that matter, anyone one else that can recommend offers beaded o. This this setup, I would appreciate it!


Hi Gav,
Can you help me understand how your belt holder works?
It is loose with one belt (but I can pack it) and too tight to fit two belts. So I'm guessing you join and tension the belt elsewhere? If so what components do you use for this? Just so you know where I'm coming from, I'm currently using this belt holder and tensioner https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2425783
I love your design and will have it converted soon. Keep up the innovation!

Anet A8 X Belt holder and tensionner

With the belts I am using from ebay which are some cheap GT2 copies, I just push them into the slot and they stay there :/ 1 end of the belt in each side and meet in the middle.

If its too loose, you could push a thin bit of plastic or card under the belt to pack it out? Or if you are editing it anyway, make it a bit thinner to match your belt (and please post as a remix too so others can use it!)

Thanks for the support!

Love the idea of making the smallest possible cooling system, but I cannot understand (in 3D editor) how Ender 3 Fan Shroud part should be connected. Is there anyone who made this system for their Enders/CR-10s? :) What parts do I need to print?
Edit: Never mind, I think I got it.

Sorry I am late to respond as have been busy. It clamps around the E3D cold end :) You should just need the carriage, bltouch mount if you use it, fan shroud, fan duct and a 30 to 40mm adaptor which can be found in the remixes :)

That sounds easy, will post my assembly results as soon as possible. Thank you! :)

please please could you make a verson that takes the titan v6 direct drive bltouch and blower fan pleasessssssss

Sorry but no. I make things I use myself but share them incase others find them useful. As I do not own a titan or direct drive setup am not going to be making things that use them.

very nice.
can you make a version where we can use existing gear form A8 fans and the existing bearings + a 12mm inductive sensor ! !! please.

FYI there is a 5015 (stock size) blower fan mount in the remixes. I haven't tried it yet, but might be a good option for you?

Can you come to my house and do my gardening? I won't be making a version that takes a 5015 blower sorry.

I do intend to make 18mm and 12mm sensor mounts but am quite busy at the moment.

Love the design, and I would like to try it but unfortunately, my anet has different spacing between rails (46mm). Is it possible that You add in the future 46mm version of the carriage?

Hello there, congratulations, I love this design! It's compatible with Anet A8 carriage? Many thanks

Thanks :) Yes it is, if you have the A8 version with 45mm rod spacing on the X axis, or print one that does.

Hi, my Anet has 46 mm rod spacing...Is it possible that you add in the future 46mm version? many thanks

I plan to, but suprisingly it is not as simple as you would think to add that 1mm.

I will get around to it eventually I hope :)

Which software do you use? If you use Fusion 360 or 3ds max, I can help you, also to refine the fan duct...let me know ;)

Hi, 45 mm rod spacing from where? :) could u post an image? thx ;)

From centre to centre of the linear rods. You could measure from the outside and subtract 8mm.

Or measure bottom to bottom, perhaps easier. I get almost 47mm!

But I just stretched the Z axis (as you look at it, not as it prints) to about 102% and it seems to fit my A8 now.

Yeah that works too :) I couldn't remember the other spacing. It might have been 46.5mm.

Are there any issues with the belt holder now you have scaled it?

I haven't gotten that far - I'm also hoping to install a 3Dtouch sensor, but that means flashing Marlin, which I already have on my other Anet (which uses a BLtouch), but of course it doesn't just transfer over directly... and TBH I'm not sure how it's supposed to work, I'd assumed I'd just bodge it with zipties or hot glue.

Anyway I'm still working on the firmware, but I have put it onto the rails. It still fits the belt, probably not quite as snugly as you intended, but there's nothing else to tie the ends of the belt onto.

If it is too loose, you could put a thin piece of card under the belt to space it a bit :) Looks great!

What I'd really like to do is modify it to be easy to remove. Basically just divide it in two between the bearing blocks and the main extruder holder area, with some slotted/dovetail type bits between them. I've got all the extruder wiring fitted with detachable connectors, so (at least with the old carriage) it's easy to take it out and clean or de-clog it. For this one you have to take the rails out!

Tinkercad would make this easy but I can't seem to get it to upload (even though it's far less than the import size limit). I've also tried other tools like Sketchup, 3DSlash and etc but they don't have the kind of features I need. Do you have any suggestions short of learning Fusion 360?

I think you are mistaken. You can easily change or clean the E3D without removing the carriage from the rails. You would just have to remove 2 bolts from the e3d clamp and it would pull right out like any other.

I had originally considered having it split in the middle for ease of printing, however in practise it did not work out due to the belt tension pulling the 2 halves apart.

I'd prefer to have the whole thing removable. Most of the tools I'm finding are Win/Mac only, which is kind of a pain as I'm normally on Linux, but I can reboot to Windows in a pinch. I was just hoping there was some trick to upload files larger than about 2.5 megs to Tinkercad - why's there even a 25 meg limit when it gives errors at anything much over a couple gigs?

I've managed to get it into Tinkercad, largely by getting MeshMixer to simplify the file a bit. Now it's a matter of finding the best way to get the two to attach; a test print of my first try was promising but there's room for improvement.
That little half-hoop on top is kind of in the way - and I'm not sure what it's for - am I overlooking something or can it be removed?

It is for attaching the cables to. It sounds like it would be easier to just design a whole new carriage for what you want?

It would be even easier to sell my two Anet printers and use the money to buy something better, but here we are.

I've managed to modify the bearing housing to accommodate the 16mm-OD Drylin bearings I ordered by mistake, so that's another bonus! Still having trouble getting a print to complete without a clog or other problem, but that's a separate issue....