Ender 3 Filament Spool Holder Adaptor v01

by builditfull Jun 6, 2018
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I had two countersink head M4s and t-slot nuts leftover to use but nothing extra to fit the bracket holes. #6 machine screws work fine as long as they're only about 0.375" long and you'll need to hold the nut in place as you tighten until they slightly "bite" into the PLA.

Nonetheless, thanks for the design. Even without the bearing roller, this is a drastic improvement over the stock placement.

If you don't want to buy extra hardware, here is my design. You just have to insert 2 of these piece in the bottom holes. You can add a drop of super glue but it is not necessary.

This would be nice if it was angled so it's not at a 90 degree angle. Maybe a 30 or 45 degree angle?

Thank you for this. This should be included with every printer designed on this kind of frame.

Can you share the source files? I need to modify this a tiny bit to allow for taller hex nuts(4.5mm) and move the mounting holes 2mm further appart.

How would the sharp angle of the filament entry affect the print? Does the filament break often?

Also, doesn't it block the wires?

Filament doesn't break but my spool kept tugging on the extruder entry point so it would cause underextrusion after retraction movements.

When I slice this in Simplified 3D the mounting holes disappear and there is a hole in the side of it

Same for me. No hole for fixing on 2020.

I made a remix that fixes this issue

Can you add a close up picture showing the mount point? Your image shows where it will end up but I was interested in how it actually connects to the extrusion. This is a great idea and I cannot wait to print and remount my spool holder.