Lack Enclosure Filament Guide

by mboden77 Jun 6, 2018
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I was going to design something almost exactly like this! Thanks for saving me the time!

No problem I am glad it can be used by others.

This works great. Thank you!

Attached is a drill/cut-out template. First, drill a 9/16" or 14/15mm hole entirely through the table. Second, using the template, insert the top of the template into the hole on the underside of the table. Finally, draw around the perimeter of the template.

You read my mind, thank you for the template!

Great work thanks for sharing.

Thank you for this file.

Do you per chance, have a filament enclosure that you stack on top? I'm trying to find a filament drybox design/setup that would work for the top fo the ikea prusa enclosure.


I am going to give this one a shot. Fairly cheap set up I figure

Filament Storage Solution (IKEA SAMLA)
by wstein


Sorry I don't have any filament enclosure. The drybox has to be heated right?

What is the diameter of the hole and slot width? I am finishing up my enclosure and have the MMU v2 on order. Several people have talked about installing the MMU on the top and it feeds down to the printer via a PTFE tube. So if the hole is 4mm+, it would work as is. Otherwise, one with a larger diameter hole for a PTFE tube would be good.


The hole is 5mm.


Thanks. I was able to measure the hole in the STL and saw it was large enough. Posted a made one and testing it all out now with my first print in the enclosure.

Cool. It is the first time anyone has ever printed any of my designs.


Well it is a good design and worth printing.

Looks cool. which way does it install?


With the wide part in the bottom. I have uploaded some photos of it installed.

thank you! what tools did you use to make the hole that shape?

I hade a printed version of this in ABS that I ripped the bottom part from and drawed around it with a pen. Then I just used a hobby knife to carve out the oval hole for it. It doesn't need to be exact since the bottom is wider than the hole should be. The Lack table surface material is very thin so it is easy to cut with a hobby knife.

Can you also post a photo of how this one looks? Would like to see it in action, thanks!


I have uploaded some photos of it installed in my enclosure.


Looks great, thanks!