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by nerd256 Aug 30, 2012
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to add highlighting new way:

1) in Kate go to Settings menu, choose Configure Kate..., go into Open/Save and on Modes & Filetypes tab click Download Highlighting Files... and then Install.

2) locate your KDE default configuration directory by this command as user qtpaths --paths GenericDataLocation

You will get few of them, but use the users one (/home/user/.local/share on first place in most cases) and than navigate to org.kde.syntax-highlighting/syntax in that directory.

3) extract xml file to this directory and restart Kate

On Windows copy xml to \AppData\Local\org.kde.syntax-highlighting\syntax in your user profile directory. (I did not tested that one, but should work according to KDE website.

Hi, thank you for this.

Is possible to you upload the file on github? For things that are code is easier to improve and contribute!

Hello Nerd and others,

In KDE 5 the location for the syntax file has changend!

You need to put it in here now:


If that does not help, make sure to "Download Highlighting" in the kate settings.

PS: Nerd does the highlighting needs updating for the new openscad version ?

NIce addition crunch. I didn't really have any problem uploading my file but the interface has probably changed since then.


Many thanks for your work with syntax higlighting, without you i would have never used openscad (as i dont like the build in editor)!

So i made a little "code completion" addon for kate to make it easyer for me to code.

Check out my kate openscad snippet colletion for added fun in creating stuff with kate and openscad: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:570634

PS: how did you get around the upload a 3d objekt as a file ?


OpenSCAD Kate Snippets - Code completion and more

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

Very useful! Thanks :-)