Minecraft Creeper

by fantom Aug 31, 2012
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Read the comments on the 'thing details' page.

where's the file for this? I only see the flat square of nothing...

hi is it possible to paint these? I only have 2 ABS colours and one natural PLA.

I have a solidoodle 2 Gen printer I wanna try this on

I've not tried, but given that other people quite successfully paint all kinds of other things made from PLA, and ABS, I imagine it's not to difficult.

You might need to be a little careful painting any of the surfaces that 'move' against each other, and the pin holes, because the thickness of the paint may make everything a little too tight to clip together.

Oh, you're working with an Ultimaker, too! Hope yours is less of a lemon than mine. :-/

Mine's generally all good - I have had the fun with plugs that most people have when they start. I found adding a second blue clip has solved my problem, at least for now :). I've also had none of the feeder problems that some people have - except when I had a batch of poor quality filament.

I recently purchased an Ultimaker and I've already gone through an entire roll of silver PLA and have not had any problems. The machine has been a complete gem. I did order it pre-assembled though since it does look like it's a complex beast to put together right. Check out my channel to see some of my prints (http://youtube.com/barnacules1)http://youtube.com/barnacules1...

Creepers gonna creep! :-D

Nice job

Using pin connectors would allow the head to swivel without popping off: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10541http://www.thingiverse.com/thi.... I've used these in a couple applications and they work well.

Pin Connectors V2
by tbuser

I'll give them a try

the period at the end of the link to busers pin connectors is leading to a 404 page