OctoPi Case for Prusa i3 MK3 with 40mm fan mount

by blazze11 Jun 9, 2018
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Where do you connect the fan to power?

on the 5v and gnd pins on the pi itself

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Thanks fro the reply. Yes. I cut the original connector on the fan, fed the wires through the slot, then attached a two pin header.

Thanks for making a remix. I did not have time to fix the problem, the modification was still in beta. Thanks for putting my nick.

I too was messing with a remix. Trying to figure out how to add a spot for the 24v to 5v regulator I bought, so I can run it off the Mk3 power supply.

What kinda Pi temps are you getting on this one? Wondering if it has enough exit ventilation.

My pi is running between 30 - 50°C
I should add a 24v to 5v regulator too, maybe in the future

In the few hours since last post, having second thoughts on using the reg... It works fine, but wondering now if it will be annoying to have to shut down the pi every time before switching off the printer. On the fence, so printing your design in the meantime / potentially permanent. Thanks!

I have the raspiberry pi 3, thanks to the idea of blazze11 I have been able to retouch my design and adapt it to yours in a v2. The truth is that I have not had much time to make improvements.

The power of the rapberry pi 3 comes separately from the printer.