Game Boy Null Case

by Alejanson Jun 11, 2018
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Dont you need any cover for the screen that dirt and stuff cant get in?

anyone have troubles getting the gameboy null kit??

Do you think there's enough space and either of the back panels to fit a wireless induction charging coil

Is it possible to send the extended version stl to me with the SD card in the right spot?

FYI, I just remixed this with a moved SD card slot here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3291122

Game Boy Null Extended Back w/ Moved SD Card

With the extended back you are not able to mount the Pi zero as the SD card cutout is at the wrong place. It's to the back of the case, instead of to the PCB. Or did you mount the Pi on a header?

You are right.
I mounted the Pi in a Header. Thatsache the reason of that.

Hello, there is not LR buttons non extended?

L/R button game boy null

Sorry, it missed that. I will Upload that later.
But you can also use the extended Version and scale Z 5mm down. That ist the Same.

L/R button game boy null

Hey man love the design! Im having trouble scaling the LR buttons down becasue I have no idea as to what im doing! Can you upload the files for them? Thanks!

L/R button game boy null

Uh ok, please do, thanks :), also why do you offer any extended version? Only because it can fit bigger batteries? Or another reason?

L/R button game boy null

Thanks for that case ist Pretty nice with the thinner front.
i´ve managed to get Sound in even in the standart back-part, it only took a tiny mono amplifier (1€ on ebay) and a
Speaker from a sony experia 2 (2€ on eBay). the Sound is far away from Hifi, but for the older consoles which where 8 or 16 Bit Sound it works perfekt.

Do you have any links to those parts? They sound interesting.

thats the amplifier:
and thats the Speaker:
https://www.ebay.de/itm/Sony-Xperia-Z2-Loud-Speaker-Lautsprecher-Ringer-Buzzer-Freisprecher-Modul-Part/322831541396?hash=item4b2a426494:g:orMAAOSwEwpbjmtR (i guess you can take any Speaker small enough)
i have cut out some space over the Pie (where the Gameboy Null Logo is) and placed it there

btw: a tech nerd will tell you that you Need a low-pass filter to improve the Sound Quality, but i didn´t manage to find a small enough part to put inside the case so i just skipped it and as said for the Oldschool Sound ist still good enough

How did you wire things up and were there software changes? The pinouts for the 3W amp is different to the Adafruit I2S.

you did it following the soldering instructions in this video?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwtCVYXsHE4

Thanks for the Link.
It's always nice to the when other people like the thinks you Made.

Whats the difference between the standard and the extended version?? ^^

The extended Version is 5mm thiker and has extra space for a bigger battery.

on the extended version, there is the space to fit the audio mod? or a more complex conversion of the case is needed?

What sound mods do exist?

I haven't tries it and i haven't a Sound Mod in my Gameboy null.
Sorry that i can't Help you with that.