Mini Sanding Block - Jewelers - Pen Making - Model Building

by tswalter Jun 11, 2018
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This is a nice idea. Thanks for the design.
I guess “8-32 1/2"” is an odd way of saying “6.35 mm by 12.7 mm”. I think i’ll scale this to 94.5 % and go looking for 12 mm long M6 screws.

What is odd about an 8-32 x 1/2" bolt? He is probably an American so that is appropriate. As an American I would personally rather use the "American Standard" than metric.

What is odd is the non-system for measurement used in that country.
Everybody is using metres and its powers of 10, but Usonians, and only they¹, have to use 0.9144 m and 1760 × 0.9144 m and 1/3 × 0.9144 m and 1/12 × 1/3 × 0.9144 m and 1/32 × 1/12 × 1/3 × 0.9144 m for length.
A 6.35 mm bolt isn’t bad per se, but the way to reach that diameter instead of just using a 6 mm bolt is odd.

And Citizens of the USA a) expecting everybody else to know what their odd private length units means and b) calling themselves “Americans” as if there weren’t more than 20 other countries on the continents where the people are Americans, too, is what annoys me.

eta: Also, Usonians can’t even type the correct symbol for their odd units. It’s »″« not »"« for 25.4 mm. »½″« instead of »1/2"« for 12.7 mm. ASCII was never enough to type even US English correctly.

¹Yes, these oddities persist, to a degree, in the UK as well. But they at least made some half hearted attempts to get rid of them in the past.

I like the design a lot, but i could be improved by moving the nut to the other side of the block and adding a through hole. that way you wouldn't have to rely on any glue to keep it in place.