by LarnOm Jun 12, 2018
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Printed mine vertically with supports but probablu didnt need them as the supports didnt actually touch...

Awesome design! Thanks for making a a handle so i dont burn my fingers!

Did you use PLA or PETG ?

I printed with regular supports in cura 4.2.1 and it came out really nice. However i cant use this handle with yellow bed springs.

Same, especially combined with the cable chain. I'm working on designing a fix that works with both

Great design..printed it several months ago. Does anyone know of a WyzeCam mount for this? I saw the Universal Mount but I don't think it will work for a WyzeCam. Thanks

I recommend using tree support for this piece. Printed in Cura 4.2.1

Tried printing this 3 times. Broke in half trying to remove the supports in the middle all 3 times

Same exact thing happened to me.... sooooo frustrated.
Using cura, supports enabled over 55 degrees, i lowered the integrity of supports, have support roof and floors. impossible to get off, snapped handle in half.
Any tips for making supports not stick so bad?

extand your "support z distance" by 0.05 mm it will help to clean the support..
extand your infill, it will make a stronger piece...
i printed my handle 6 time flat on 3 different machines, i never had a problem to clean supports...
sometimes it's harder than other, but if you take your time and use the good tools You'll make it...

If you scroll down a few posts you'll see a guy that posted a gcode for this to print them vertically. A little glue on the build plate got these to print ok for me. Give it a shot. Here's teh link.


what slicer are u using?

Comments deleted.

what is the distance between the holes where it attaches to the bed? I'm asking because I have a Chinese version of the ender 3, its pretty good but it could really use this upgrade.


many thanks for this great design!

It also fits perfectly at the Ender 3 Pro, but you have to pay attention to the material you use for making it. I used PLA at first, but as I made a test run related to my new glass bed and pushed the temperature up, the handle started to get weak and moved down a bit. That was already enough to fasten on the Y-axis rail, especially if you have one of those rail-covers mounted.

So I guess to use something like ABS or any filament which is more temperature resistent. PLA is definitive not recommended ;-)

P.S. I mounted the handle underneath the bed support, directly over the adjustment-dials. There is enough room between the bed and the handle, but the support gets warm enough to weak the PLA.

Thx for your research
I haven't got the "pro" Ender 3
And i print only PLA
It's good to have this kind of analisis

Yes, I mostly use also PLA, cause it's the easiest filament for printing.

Sadly its not very temperature resistant and not good for any kind of finishing like sanding etc. Now I wanted to start a bit with PETG and hope that it is a bit better in this terms.

ABS is still very much to difficult for me as a beginner in 3D printing and the Ender 3 isn't a closed design. I had so much trouble with it, in terms of adhesion and warping. I hope PETG is the solution, but I only read about its good properties, being something between PLA and ABS, and haven't really tested it yet.

Hello, printed VERTICALLY on my ender 3 and is perfect :-)
Love challenges !

Thanks for the design

I printed horizontally with NO supports and came out nice. A little bit or stringing under the very top arch, but nothing major. That part is hidden anyway! :)

Thanks so much for this. It works great on my Ender 3. Hope you don't mind that I resized/remixed it for my CR10/CR10S - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3416452

CR-10S Bed Handle
by Tyringe

Hey !
Nice work on your CR10

will this fit the pro version?

Hello ZambranoWasTaken
sorry, i really dont know, i have no feed back and my Ender 3 is a classic

Can it be mounted in the back instead of the front?
The Y axis motor seems to slightly block, but I would really like to have it placed behind the bed.
I need to know before printing. Thanks.

Hello SebSau
i tried and the y motor block totally the way

Ok, thanks a lot for your fast answer.

Prints great, well designed, I just didn't find it useful and at times it became problematic because it would make it hard to access the knobs / hotend. In the end I took it off and it's in my drawer.

Hello pbbft
it's strange, i have access to the knobs (and i have big hands ^^)
i don't understand why the hotend is hard to access if the handle is below the bed
can you make a picture of the handle on your ender 3 please ?

Hi :D

It's off my Ender now unfortunately but it looks exactly like everyone elses tbh. I just had a couple times where I had to access my hotend and it was over the handle which made it really hard. I can't recall why specifically I couldn't move it. In the end i'd say it was user error on my part. Great handle just not using it right now, then again i've stripped off 90% of the printed mods I made in the first week and gone back to stock.

If you are printing this in ABS don't print it vertically, it will split like crazy lol Even if you somehow get it to look pretty, the horizontal layer lines will work against you and break easily. So just print it flat as mentioned in the description, 10% support density worked for me (can probably do 7% for easier removal).

I really just couldn't get the support material to come off this one.

I was able to print the handle on its side on a small raft without support. Please take a look at my make.

I would like to print the handle, should i try to print vertical for better quality or horizontal with all supports to remove?

Just printing one at the moment, have gone horizontally with raft and supports

I tried both way to print this nice detail and can say for sure that vertical is much prefered in quality of the print though a bit tricky to slice correctly. PM if you need G-code or cura settings.

i would like to try the vertical option...could you share the gcode and cura settings?

Here's my gcode file for that handle on Ender3: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar6maLS2YSG-guM0bIuf6XIMUR_7Bg I don't remember all the settings for cura and I've tuned it a bit since then but I was quite happy with the result.

So I printed this on two Enders at the same time. The first time both of the far supports failed on each one. Stopped print, Put glue in those spots and tried again. The 2nd time The supports on the back side of the printer on both printers, but it didnt seem to affect the print. Infact the supports that did stand didn't even seem to be touching the print. Anyhow, I got two handles out of it so thanks, My slices kept putting hard to remove supports in there and I broke 4 handles in half!!

Sorry that it didn't work great for you.

My best guess is to check if the plate of the printer is really flat as it is a very common problem on Ender3. You can improve you plate surface by inserting small aluminium stripes between the bad and removable surface in right places until it is completely flat. It is not a quick process, but unless you make your surface flat you will face bad adhesion on big models edges and it will get worse on hard to print materials. I am NOT talking about bed leveling now. It is all about flat and plain surface that you still have to level after all. That also greatly improves the quality of the bottom surface of your model.

When your surface is flat and supports still fall somewhere you can raise the bed with your bed leveling wheels a bit. It is a very efficient way to deal with bad adhesion.

I sliced that thing quite some time ago, now cura has an option to make brim under supports. You can try it too as a hot fix but that won't help you on every print.

Sorry, to clarify the one that broke 4 times was the original file. Your handle worked great.

Thank you . i will give it a go. As i have the Gcode i guess the settings in cura are no longer necessary.

I love the idea of this but the question I have is does it effect the bed leveling ability? In order to have the bed level and at the right height, all of the adjustment screws are almost maxed out (all the way loosened) to put the bed high enough. Will adding this decrease the distance they can adjust and make it so I might not be able to get the right height?

If you adjust your z stop switch down a few mm you can wind up the leveling screws.

Hello, it have really no effect on the bed levelling because the handle is bellow the metal support... (ses the last picture of the thing)
It work perfectly on my 2 ender3 :)

I printed it vertical to use less support, but the layers came apart on the first pull.
Maybe it just was a bad print (0,3 layer), but on the other hand, maybe that was the reason LarnOm stated it should be printed horizontal ;)

Nice idea. Will try this the next time I get bored with the color I currently have installed. =)

Oh good I printed laying down with support and talk about a pain to clean up.

what is best way to install it? above or under the plate?

Hello, install it betwin the knob and the bed (unscrew the front knobs, place the handle and screw the knobs on it)
Look on the last picture of the thing description ;)

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I printed with tree support which has an option to change the model shape and reenforce the centre. It’s much stronger this way.

Very useful thing. I had problem with vertical printing. An hour print and one part drop down. I used horizontal print. Horizontal print need less time and filament. Another problem is with bevel to up, it has potential to break (30% infill).

Comments deleted.

I love this handle. I only have one small problem and that is that it is 5mm too short or 5mm to tall for an all-stock Ender 3. At X110, Y0 the handle hits the part cooling fan.

I'll probably add 5mm to the length and reprint it rather than trying to make it flatter.

did you attached it like this ?

No, I attached it on top of the carriage plate and below the springs. Moving it to the other side of the plate would probably fix the issue.

As a side note, I printed it with the handle on the build plate and the forks sticking up. That required minimal supports and held it in place very nicely for the entire print.

Just posted a remix that turns it into a camera mount for a rasp pi with a gopro mount :) thanks for the handle!

ok !
thx for the remix ;)

Was happy to do it! One question, could I bother you for the actual file for it rather than the STL? Fusion 360 kind of hates STL's and it would be much easier to improve on if I just had the basic design file :)

Thanks a lot, perfect handle. I added a second use: Base of a rig for a universal camera mount. I will send pictures when ready with print. I made a perfect fitting mount (with rounds and a screw hole).

Good idea
yes send me pictures of your modification ;)

This is my first object. How can we connect them? I did post it as a remix: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2987358

Universal Camera Mount for Ender 3 Handle
by moclub

Perfect handle, printed it flat with supports with roof at 0.1mm.

Thank you ;)
don't hesitate to show the result in the "make" section ;)