Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

NERF Meaker Mk 15 "Streaker"

by MeakerVI Jun 12, 2018
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Good day! Does this shoot regular nerf darts and also the half length darts? Thank you!

Yes, but either-or, or you'd have to make a custom dual-purpose pusher or mag adapter and use the long magwell.

Amy chance of a Talon magwell?

Is the motor cage housing compatible with the adrian kelley motorboards? I love those things.

It uses standard OFP cages, but I do not know if the motorboards will also fit. I'd imagine so since they should be cleaner than a wired install.

It'd be easy to check - take a cage you've setup and drop it into the flywheel cage-cage half that recieves the motors.

Any thoughts on making a dual cage frame?

Maybe. It'd defeat some of the purpose (really tiny setup), and IMO isn't really required to hit good numbers, but maybe. Same deal as below, however; I'm working on the mk16 and that's taking up my free time ATM.

Do you have plans to make a talon compatible magwell/release?

Not ATM. I'm busy with the mk16, which is a more clean-slate mk15. It's possible in the future, and actually would probably be easier than the katana well since I can keep the same release.

Comments deleted.

So, I've been wanting to put an UltraStryfe cage into this, but it appears that the Gen3 Ultrastryfe cages don't fit into the flywheel cage cage. Is there a specific version of the UltraStryfe cage that fits?

Ultrasonic2 ultrastryfe is the one that has been tested.

Which generation of cages? I just printed the Gen3 Stryfe and Swordfish cages, and neither fits. I've looked at the Rapidstrike cage and it doesn't look like it will fit either. The Gen3 cage is too long from front to back, and now seems to have different bosses, probably meant to fit over ribs in the respective blasters' shells. Ultrasonic2 has deleted the Gen2 cages from his designs, as far as I can tell. The previous pages for them are still listed, but there are no files anymore.

He posted a link specifically for us: Ultracage for mk15!

Ultra Brushless For NERF Meaker Mk 15 "Streaker"

Awesome! Thanks!

Original and Gen2 Stryfoid cages should fit. I'll see if I can sort out the gen2 ultracages

Hey thanks again for the shout-out on your listings! I do love how you have a render of actual katanas despite not being compatible haha.

Well, an actual Katana could work if the user modified them to have a regular catch slot. As could any non-Kathanha that doesn’t also have the regular catch slot, but I prefer to keep that kind of destructive modification off the end user.

Mostly though, I used it because Slug provided models for both the mags and I just haven’t changed it :D

I am new to the OFP concept, and I am trying to figure out which variation of the OFP cage is needed for this build.
The OFP cages seem to be designed for specific nerf blasters.
Which one is used in the Meaker Mk 15?

It uses the Stryfe flywheel cage. And don't get the OFP files from Thingiverse because they're often outdated, grab them from the official Google Drive instead, which you can access via the "FILES" link on the official site: http://openflywheelproject.com/

Phil hosts the latest files on Google Drive because that makes it less likely that douchebag eBay/etsy sellers will see it and rip off and sell his work without permission.

Pretty much right, thanks!

Yes, stryfe cages. I believe there may be some limits as to which varieties of cage; I'm not sure it's been tested with an eclipse/morpheus, for example, but most regular OFP stryfe cage varieties (gen1/2) should work fine.

Are there any plans to make a variants that takes katana or some other half dart mags?

Previously I’d been saying just use an adapter, but now that Thanhacles made the KaThanha mag I might make a version that works with it. The way the mag release is I wouldn’t save any space making it regular unmodded Katana compatible

KaThanha2.0 Mags

I've printed one of these, and I really like the design, but I'm having trouble getting the trigger mechanism to work without sticking. The trigger seems to rock just enough to wedge in the rails in the grip frame. I've tried sanding all of the sliding surfaces and adding some white lithium grease, and it's helped, but the trigger still seems to have a tendency to stick at both ends. I printed these two parts in PLA; I'm wondering if I should try and print one or the other in a different material? Or is there something else I should be doing to get these parts to slide properly?

I'll get back to you, MFWIC3D printed the prototypes and really liked the trigger. Maybe try upping it in size 1-2% in the meantime.

Upped it in size, and wound up breaking the lever screw post in the first grip frame I printed. I think the first frame's material must have been part of the problem, since it was a different color and an older reel of filament. Now that the trigger and grip frame are printed off of the same spool, they don't seem to be having the sticking issue nearly as badly. I did wind up using a trigger that was printed at 102% scale, and I added a bit of grease as a precaution, but it seems to be working well now.

Glad you got it working!

I too am having trouble with the pusher. Seems I cant get it to push far enough to engage the dart into the wheels as well as allow it to retract far enough to allow the next dart to load. Is there a specific set of springs this is designed to use to get the pusher to work?

No specific spring on this one I'm afraid. You might try rubber bands since they're readily available and adjustable.

How do you attach the front barrel without the gen2 cages (me specifically using a morpheus cage)

It should lock in on its own without the gen2.

the non-062818 version because the motor cover doesn't work with the 062818 version

I’ll have to fix the covers, the 062818 is the one where I addressed barrel figment issues.

ED: fixed covers added retroactively under the 062818 update.

I'm slightly confused on how the mag release spring works, is the spring meant to go into the hole on the grip frame?

Yeah, that part's a little strange. A small diameter extension/pen spring goes in the holes in the release and the grip frame. It's another artifact of the Freigewhr design.

Hi MeakerVI, this is great stuff. I made one and i perfectly works. I had to make some small adjustments and added a base plate in the battery case so that the battery cannot touch the dart space. I found out that some of the areas around the grip frame (where the spring is attached) and flywheel-cage-cage are a bit weak and break when putting flywheel case in. Let me know if you want to hear more. Again, great model

I knew a battery base would be needed, but figured that it’d be easy to make out of foam or cardboard and would vary based on what battery the end user was using.

What settings did you use that parts broke? What part of the flywheel-cage-cage?

I’d love to hear whatever feedback you have.

Hi MeakerVI, I haven't had the idea with the cardboard... very good point :-)

Settings are same as you've proposed. May be something with my printer.
I've attached a file; the black arrows point to the in my opinion weak points. If you look at the blue marked piece -> this is really connected to the frame. the black marked pins stand by themselves. My proposal is to strengthen them with adding a connection to the frame.

What I'm not sure of also is how you had planned to attach the Barrel Lug to the Flywheel cage. I guess drill two holes and screw it to the frame, right?

Please continue your great work.

I've addressed the issues you brought up in the release today (062818). Did you print the WIP battery try files? Does the door work as intended?

Hi MeakerVI, sorry for the late reply. I did print the battery door. and it did not fit. Little bit too small in height. had to add .7mm to make it fit. The clip break after 3-4times opening the door. I've printed in PLA 20% infill - may be that's the issue. I was thinking about a sliding door. That is may be more stable but requires more rework. on the battery cage as well

.7mm to which direction? The thickness of the plate (narrowest dimension), the length of the plate (largest), or the width of the plate (middle)? Or to the lip that holds it onto the opening? I've added some bulk to the screw version all around where I thought it made sense for now.

Thinking about the latch, I suspect the issue there is that the required layer orientation won't have the needed strength. For now I'll make a screw-down version.

I meant the width of the plate. Sorry for being unclear here. The lip broke again on my 3rd build... I think the screw version is a good idea.
I'm thinking again on the barrel lug and how to attach it.
1st idea: would it be possible to have a flywheel cage with attached barrel lug?
2nd idea: could you add a little lip on the barrel lug to that it is possible to 100% position it in center of the flywheel cage. So that the darts have the chance to go through a barrel w/o loosing too much speed because of friction


I meant the width of the plate. Sorry for being unclear here. The lip broke again on my 3rd build... I think the screw version is a good idea.

Have you tried the screw version? It should work with the non-screw mag cover if you're ok drilling a hole through the cover.

I'm thinking again on the barrel lug and how to attach it. 1st idea: would it be possible to have a flywheel cage with attached barrel lug?

Right out. FWC has tolerances that are too tight IMO to print together. A GEN2 OFP cage should press-fit into the lug in all released versions. I've also added some retention and orientation provisions to the lug and Flywheelcage-cage parts with the newer update.

2nd idea: could you add a little lip on the barrel lug to that it is possible to 100% position it in center of the flywheel cage. So that the darts have the chance to go through a barrel w/o loosing too much speed because of friction

As designed that should happen, but you'll loose speed if your darts are close to the walls of your barrel anyway. 3/4" PVC (+/-0.8-0.9" ID) is as small as I'd recommend for any kind of aesthetic long-barrel, but I don't know that that is also compatible with a lug (on a stock blaster or this blaster). IIRC 1-1/4" Sch. 40 PVC should be a pretty good press-fit over the lug, but that'll look like a shroud/foregrip more than a barrel extension.

The goal here was to make this as small as possible, so that, in pure form, it'll shoot whatever a flywheel system is capable of (In this case, it'll fit an ultra-stryfe cage, numbers should be +/-200 FPS assuming the support for that thing also fits) but in a ~10" long SMG/pistol sized package. Then anyone can also add to it to make it bigger as they please.

I’ll review those areas ASAP. IIRC there is something there that interferes with additional support, because I was worried that they’d be too “towery” and risk snapping.

Barrel lug area was modified last minute to accept gen2 OFP cages; screw to the frame is the best option though I’ll look at that again as well.

Hi MeakerVI, had my first NERFGun Party with the MK15 and it worked quite well. I think everybody was jealous :-).
Insights: the cheap darts do not really work with my flywheels but that's another story

After our last posts I've printed the 0628 Flywheel_Cage and Barrel 0628 as you can see on my photo.
My question is how were your thoughts on fixation of the lug to the Cage?! There is no material the screws could be drilled into.
May be it's me not getting the idea.
Appreciate your comment on that


I'm glad you liked it and it worked well! Share the picts to thingiverse/NH/ r/nerf/ wherever so I (and others) can see it!

So I imagined you'd run a bolt & nut/washer through there and crank it down to lock the lug into the frame, OR you'd friction-fit it onto the outside of an OFP GEN2 cage's guide. In either case, the close-fit of the lug to the frame should keep it in place when the cover is put on to lock it in.

I've included some picts of what my model looks like, and yours looks close. If you've got a wired up cage already, I'd try adding screws & bolts first.

Do you suppose that there is any room to fit a mosfet?

Pretty sure /u/MFWIC3D on reddit, who has been working with me prototyping, put one in. He said the area above the pusher at the back of the 'grip frame' piece was a good one for components like that. You could also fit one in the space above the magwell where the battery is meant to go, possibly along with a battery, depending on how you arrange everything.

What motor sizes can fit in this? 130, 132, 180?

Yes to all. Smaller motor cover for 130 & probably 132's, larger motor cover for 180's.

Any chance you might alter this design for katana mags?

I’d considered it - even started drawing the files. The trouble is it looses whatever length I take away for the Katana in the battery tray too. It’s also a problem of catch placement - because the Katana catch isn’t low, I’d have to redesign the grip or add length back to the magwell. So with all that, that Katana->full size adapters exist (I think OFP has a forward one), that dedicated Katana blasters are being designed like the MHP 15, and that the blaster is already quite short at ~10”, I’ve decided to hold off for now.

Thanks for the reply! I hadn't thought about a lot of those points. Keep up the good work, man!