DIY Phone Trigger Buttons (PUBG Mobile/ ROS/ Fornite)

by angelocasi Jun 14, 2018
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For those of you that this trigger does not work at all for, make sure your aluminum isn't touching a metal case or any metal on your phone and it will work. I'm stuck using an iphone6 and it works perfectly for a little while then must be moved around to a different spot before working again. It's really frusterating. I think it has something to do with how the screen reacts to raindrops like johnboiles mentioned. Can anyone who's using a newer iphone confirm or deny if they have the same issue?

BTW importing this STL file to tinkercad.com and increasing the width or adding a small indentation to go around a case is a breeze.

Hi, I would like to know if these work on an iPhone 6, and or iPhone X. Also, do these only work for PUBG, or do they work for Creative Destruction??

If you know the answer, please respond

i think those changes would be nice: change tape-springs into ball-point pen springs, and no screw-but built-in hinge.

I absolutely love the design, amazing concept to avoid the uncomfortable “claw” grip. I have an iPhone 6plus and was wondering if there was a design that would work for that. In addition I was wondering if you would make it into 4 buttons for peak x2, scope and fire.

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Did someone find a fix for the triggers thad stop working after a min or so.

Made the triggers and work perfectly for like one min and than stop working. Wen I remove them and reattach the triggers they work again for a min. I’m using an iPhone 7plus

Tried on an LG V20 without success. The screen was acting like it was receiving input constantly after one touch of the trigger.

dose not work on s9. with or without heat shrink. slide them on and constant fire. once the mag is empty it dose not work at all until pulled off and put back on then same thing, constant fire. I even tried without the trigger part. same result. props on the idea but did not work for me.

Woohoooo that's a game changer! Going to try this today!

Thanks man! I'll definitely upload "make" if I'll succeed!

One small detail / question.. does the "capacity" between aluminum and phone screen go thru heat shrink tube? I mean, it's rubber, how can it go thru? You haven't told this in your vid... otherwise perfect design!

Does somebody work well?

What is the diameter of the metal rod needed?

2mm. Plastic rod (1.75mm) is suitable.

ok i'll hopefully remember that

You're a genius.Keep it up! :)

Printed these and tried them on my iPhone X. Would work like a charm for about 5 times then not work at all. I could move the trigger somewhere else on a screen and it would work again for a while, but again stop working all together after a handful of presses.

I wonder if this is triggering the same part of the touchscreen firmware that tries to stop water droplets from registering as touches on the screen. Has anyone else had luck on recent iPhones?

Spent the whole evening. The thickness is too small, but I fixed it. As a result, I made it as a video and it does NOT work. The contact either does not, or reacts, but it sticks, although the button is open and the finger does not touch. About heat shrinkage - does not work at all. Maybe it's because of the protective glass, but it did not cost so much effort.

Didn't build my own yet but i just want to say that your tutorial video is great, very easy to understand and very well explained, keep with the great work.

will the contacts points work even though you put non conductive heat shrink tubing on it

Yes! Capacitive screens pick up changes in capacitance around it. Since it comes in an electrostatic form, having a thin insulator won't block its ability to pickup changes.

It is very tight, it only has 8.4mm of space to enter the phone. From the rest, very good design.

Thank you! Yes! If its too narrow for your phone, just scale all the parts up in Cura! :)

Really smart way to address this challenge!!


I don't play Battle Royale games or even play mobile games at all, but this is genius.

Thank you! Give it a try! They're really fun!

they stop working after a min, can you tell why or what to do to fix it? how are you getting it ti work so wel?