Constantine Holy Shotgun

by TheSonOfEgo Jun 14, 2018
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Confirmed. The handle section doesnt fit to the barrel and dragons breath at all, certainly not without some modification. Everything prints great but the parts don`t fit together correctly.

There is supposed to be a notch in the handle section, for some reason is didnt make ther final file. I will see about editing it.

That would be great. Thanks!

Using a piece that didn’t quite finish I can see here that it’s not going to fit. I’ve re-sliced it again and I’ll see if it makes any difference but I doubt it will


ive so far printed the barrel, drum and dragons breath, but theres a problem. The part the meets the barrel from the handle section doesnt fit correctly! the dragons breath sit to far back for the handle section to fit up to the barrel. Thoughts??

Can you share also non stl files? I would like to print it but I will have to edit it slightly.
But it's pretty hard to edit the STL :)
Thank you!

I do not have any non stl files. I'm not sure what you are needing or what needs editing, but these files are all that there are.

Well the .stl is just a mesh, but you had to probably draw it as solid object or not? (with Thinkercad and Adobe Illustratior as you mentioned in description).
I wanted to try to print it, but there is lot of thing which can't be printed (the wall is probably too thick). The drum is completely not printable. But edit it as mesh in the .stl is impossible for me...

It was all 100% designed in tinkercad except the lettering which i did in illustrator. I was able to slice and print the drum and
Dragons breath perfectly fine with Cura and my CR10. Have you tried putting it in meshmixer? I am not sure why stl editing is
Impossible, its the only format I ever work in. I've never even used OBJ.

Bravo excellent modelling!

Thank you very much!

In all honesty I wish I could do that, but I think it's a bit beyond my wheelhouse.

Love that movie. If you have the ability, please design this to be used as an airsoft gun