Pegboard Tape Holder

by rordaz Jun 15, 2018
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Hey, Thanks for making this model! It will really help tidy up my work spaces. I also made a quick little video showing how I used it. I didn't remove the top and bottom layer because I liked the solid look.


Tyler what an honor, thank you very much!

I'm a little confused by the pegboard clip. I printed one off, but it doesn't seem to fit. Am I doing something wrong?

Nope, you're not alone. Doesn't even come close to fitting, or even being snug. A layer of electrical tape isn't even enough.

I should fit snug, but also depend on the diameter of the pegboard hole that may vary.

how do you design the part with the honeycomb infill that's exposed as shown in the photos is that done in your slicer and if so what slicer are you using to accomplish that. thanks

In the slic3r, I use the following
Infill Pattern Honeycomb, 3 to 4 perimeters, and 0 solid top and bottom layers

Ya, I bought 3/4". Not a big deal but you should change the wording dude to reflect the right size.

Diam has been fixed, sorry about the confusion.

You must mean 3/8" diameter dowel, right? The photo you posted sure looks smaller than 3/4" diameter. Thanks for the design. I'm gonna try it out tonight!

Yes 3/8 is the right dowel. The diam of the hole is 9.64mm. Thanks for the catch

yea i just used 3/8 doll myself... tight but it worked

Yes, it's a little tight to avoid the dowels to get loose. The diam of the hole is 9.64mm. Thanks

yes that worked very nicely actually.. tapped them on with a mallet. i cut my dowels to 24" and i am seeing some sag.. used poplar... i probably should have used a 3rd bracket in the middle